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September 2015

GOING ATMOS: Hands-on With Silver Series & CT-265IDC In-Ceiling Speakers

David Susilo of WifiHifi Magazine is no stranger to the Atmos experience, having 53 Atmos commercial theatres under his belt. After reviewing our Silver series system, complete with four CT-265IDC speakers for the Atmos channel, Susilo was undeniably impressed and went on to say that Monitor Audio's set of speakers "performed closer to a true Dolby Atmos commercial theatre setup than any others I've tried. And they do that without breaking the bank." More comments are below:

"With the IDC module installed, these speakers become true three-way designs, offering superior performance and flexibility over typical two-way or fixed angle speakers."

"With the in-ceiling speakers, the imaging was amazing and the speakers almost disappeared. However, when the thunder struck, I could clearly locate the source of the thunder, but still not the speaker itself."

"I felt like I'd been 'abducted' by the aliens"

"I almost forgot I was using in-ceiling speakers instead of Atmos-enabled speakers. Yes, the dispersion angle is that wide."

"The speakers were impressive overall - it turns out the 18-degree angling capability makes a whole lot of difference for an Atmos experience. The Silver series, and especially the CT-265IDC, truly create an amazing enveloping sound."

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Silver 2

January 2015

Diapson: Silver 2 Review

"The Silver 2 seduces, it is homogeneous and well balanced on the spectral level."

"Even while listening to a symphonic orchestra, you never feel frustrated regarding the sound level."

"The air circulates freely between the instruments. The timbres are rich and dense."

"The dynamic opulence and stability conclude this very beautiful speaker."


Silver 8

January 2015

HiFi+ Silver 8 Speaker Review

"The overall presentation is hearty and generous, definitely offering a lot of sound for the money."

"Bass from that pair of C-CAM woofers goes very deep..."

"They will boogie when asked: they can do scale, weight, and authority; timing is respectable; and soundstaging is generous and well-proportioned."

"When the price is taken into account, it's quite a package - and as an all-rounder, the Silver 8 delivers a satisfying and well-judged performance."

"...these are fun loudspeakers with a big, confident sound, deep and spacious soundstage, and respectable dynamics."

"...Abdullah Ibrahim and Kramat from 'Ekapa Lodumo' is lively and tuneful, the percussion has clear timing and balance, and there is more sense of the piece building to a climax and conclusion."

"A sure sign of a good loudspeaker is that it can rise to the occasion, and the Silver 8 certainly did just that."

"...the generous bass and the impact and drive from those two paired bass drivers will satisfy many..."

"...many recordings will benefit from the Silver 8's handling of loudness as 'quantity' rather than 'intensity'."

"I think Monitor Audio has produced an all-rounder in the Silver 8, one that will impress in an AV system, while still satisfying with two-channel."

"They are perfectly capable of raising the hairs on my arms, or making me grin like a loon."

"They are, rather, big-hearted and generous partners with a sense of fun and musicality."

"They can raise their game when called upon to do so, but they can just as easily work within a modest system, and get more out of it than you might have expected."

"What I did find, during my time with the Monitor Audio Silver 8s, was that I often just put on music and enjoyed the experience... I just went with the flow of the music. And that was really easy to do because the speaker doesn't demand constant attention and fussing over; it just is what it is. And that's no bad thing."

- Steve Dickinson, HiFi+, January 2015

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Stereophile Magazine

Silver 8

January 2015

Stereophile Praises Silver 8

"The Silver 8 is simply gorgeous, with a fit and finish that are probably impossible to achieve at the price without production in the Far East."

"Talk about hopes realized! From the second the system was powered up, the Silver 8s impressed me."

"I heard a welcome clarity in the midrange that gave all music a natural presence..."

"I could hear no fault with the Silver 8 with voices that span the crossover frequency."

"At low levels, the speaker's low end was in good balance, as suggested above, and the louder I pushed them, the more power and impact the Silver 8s delivered, without boom."

"...I found the Silver 8's bass remarkably solid and satisfying."

"There's little to say about the Silver 8's treble. Although it was detailed and extended, it was also smooth and untiring."

"Indeed, as with the best speakers — those costing far more than the Silver 8's $2,000/pair — the high frequencies, almost all overtones, were unobtrusively integral to the music, not distinct from the midrange fundamentals. I greatly appreciated this with recordings of both small and large ensembles."

"...the Silver 8s provided, from the CD, a precise spatial delineation, as in a good chamber music performance, coupled with remarkable impact and presence from each instrument."

"What a marvelous way to take flight to a world of beauty from the reality of a rainy day! While the harmonies may be complex, the perception is of effortless flow, even in two channels. One can succumb happily or listen analytically, but either way, one does so with the feeling that nothing separates one from the music and the musicians."

"...I can't say that listening in stereo via the Silver 8s was anything less than delightful."

"Their soundstage was deep and, if I wanted to focus on instrument placements instead of the music, there was a wealth of stable detail to appreciate."

"My, did the Silver 8s deliver."

“Regardless of track or changes in players, it all sounded more alive and engaging than I remembered.”

“…compared with my admittedly older and discontinued Paradigm Studio/60v3s ($1,699/pair when last available), the Silver 8s were strikingly cleaner in the lower midrange, more open in the upper midrange, and had a subtler treble.”

"This review is so brief because I'm at a loss to point to any way in which, for its size and price, the Monitor Audio Silver 8 disappointed. I've been looking at speakers for $3,000/pair or less for a while, and have not heard any that I would prefer to the Monitor Audio Silver 8."

- Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile, January 2015

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Silver 10

December 2014

Silver 10 delivers again

Spencer Holbert has put our Silver 10 through an extensive test, of which the results of the review have come back in a glowing manner. Spencer goes on to say the following:

"But I said setup was easy, right? It was. After I moved the Silver 10s away from the rear wall and set them 9.5 feet apart, I toed them in about 10 degrees and adjusted the feet...and that's it. I played around with a few other setups, but the more I tweaked, the more I wanted to go back to the first setting. Maybe it was just blind luck, but I think it has more to do with Monitor Audio's design philosophy, which seems to be a set-it-and-forget-it mentality (all of its speakers are also part of multichannel lines, so the home-theater enthusiast is kept in mind). The sweet spot was sufficiently wide to sound uniform whether I sat forward or back, leaned left or right in my chair. Having to remain in a single position to ensure that imaging doesn't shift can be very tedious, and I loved that the Silver 10s were forgiving."

"My friends and I like all kinds of music, so a full-range loudspeaker is a natural choice. This is where the Silver 10s competent low-end extension was a major plus. Whether classical or rap, jazz or rock, or anything in between, the Silver 10s provided plenty of respectably controlled bass. They were really impressive when listening to Rebecca Pidgeon's rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine" on Chesky Records' 96/24 The World's Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings. The upright bass stayed taut and punchy, just to the left of Pidgeon's voice, and sounded eerily like a real bass in the room."

He concludes with "the Monitor Audio Silver 10s have renewed their faith in high-end audio, and mine as well. I see a new speaker purchase in their sonic future."

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Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

Silver 2

December 2014

Silver 2: 5-Star Review and "Recommended" Award

"...blessed with plenty of clarity and immediacy plus weight and depth, and its very own distinctive, highly detailed sound."

"...the Monitor Audio can deliver all the power it needs, but does so in a more relaxed and less forced manner than many similarly priced rivals

"...a more gutsy yet relaxed presentation that's very good at carrying dynamic accents that most others miss."

"Isaac Hayes' 'Life's Mood' is a joy. Percussion is better accented than most, giving a superior sense of rhythmic flow, and the crashing keyboard cadences push out in a more arresting and explicit way."

" the same time, the tonal purity is such that the piano sound is beautifully carried. Behind this, violins soar in a wonderfully accurate and expressive way, and the speakers catch the drama of this great song."

"The Silver 2 pushes out a wider soundstage than its rivals."

"You can really hear inside and drill down into the low-level detail, in a way that many rivals simply don't allow."

"The Smiths' 'Girl Afraid' is wonderfully open and detailed, but still carries the emotion within the song."

"Snare drums sound tight, while the treble is delicate and smooth; the tweeter reveals real delicacy that makes rivals seem rather ragged in comparison."

The Absolute Sounds Magazine

Silver 10

December 2014

Silver 10 TAS Review

"...the Silver 10s are more than just adequate; they are one of the best $2,500-and-under full-range floorstanders I've heard..."

"I listened to this song on repeat for almost 45 minutes after a day of listening and my ears weren't fatigued. Next came Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Texas Flood," which is another song that can be plenty fatiguing; even after the Lofgren torture test, SRV was as pleasing as ever."

"...great voicing, solid bass when properly spaced from the rear walls, an engaging soundstage, and a diverse ability to sound great with a wide range of music. Really, what more could you want from an affordable speaker?"

- Spencer Holbert, The Absolute Sound, December 2014

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Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

Silver 2

November 2014

Silver 2: Hi-Fi Choice Recommended!

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine is celebrating 2014 in their Yearbook of essential tech, with our very own Silver 2 bookshelf speaker featuring in a shining review!

"they offer a more gutsy yet relaxed presentation that's very good at carrying dynamic accents that most others miss."

"the Monitor Audio tweeter proves one of the best in the group, with real delicacy that makes others seem ragged."

Awarded with a Hi-Fi Choice Recommended badge, the Silver 2 leaves a lasting impression:

"Excellent all rounder with a performance way beyond its price."

Read the full review in the Hi-Fi Choice Yearbook 2014 (issue 392) available now.

Sound & Vision Magazine

Silver Centre

October 2014

Silver 10 5.1 System Review

“Monitor’s impressive Silver series is a triumph, a treat to hear, and well worth seeking out for a serious audition.”

“Overall, the fit and finish of the speakers is impeccable.”

“A good sub was clearly needed in my situation, and on music the W-12 did the trick. Drums were tight and punchy. Organ had impressive weight, if not quite the “count the cycles” grunt of some bigger subs. But there was never a sense of something missing; the bass was satisfying when present in the source and unobtrusive when not.”

“With the W-12 in tow, the Silver 10s demonstrated that they could compete with the big boys.”

“...on well-recorded material (both music and movies—I never felt the need for the Integra’s THX Re-Eq on the latter), their sound was open and detailed, with an appealingly real sparkle and liveliness.”

“The all-important midrange was also a treat. There was no obvious coloration. Closely miked vocals sounded as immediate as they should; more distantly recorded performers were laid-back where they belong. Image depth (if present in the recording) was good, and lateral imaging precise."

“The W-12 is clearly an audiophile-quality subwoofer, and more than satisfying on music.”

“In conveying the movie’s extreme dynamics, natural dialogue, precise scene-to-scene ambience, and (most notably) astonishing score, the Silvers left nothing on the table."

“Even on quieter films, the Silvers left a positive vibe. Anonymous, a vastly underrated movie from 2011, consists mainly of clean dialogue punctuated by a sweet score that sneaks up on you. On the Silvers, it reminded me once again that a good surround system isn’t just for action.”

“You just might be as immensely impressed by what Monitor Audio has accomplished here as I was.”

"Honestly, I couldn’t have wished for more from any system.”

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Soundstage Access

Silver 6

October 2014

Silver 6 Reviewer's Choice

“No other compact music system that I am aware of could capture the scale of this music so effortlessly, or so energize a listening room, as did these in mine.”

“...this recording’s dramatic changes in tempo and dynamics were tracked wonderfully by the S6, whose clean, composed presentation
made it easy to follow the madness. What fun! This is exactly why anyone who loves music should own a pair of speakers like these.”

"The C-CAM drivers sounded quick and incisive, with a real crispness that made them seem fast; by this, I mean that they offered a tight, controlled sound that could start and stop on a dime."

"Using a word like crisp to describe a speaker’s sound might seem to imply that that sound was bright. The S6 was not bright. The superb level of detail it uncovered was not the result of tipping up the high frequencies to draw attention to them in a way that one might mistakenly perceive as enhanced detail. Rather, it was the combination of several factors, including their solidly constructed cabinets and high-quality drivers, that gave the S6s excellent clarity and allowed them to possess such magnificent resolution."

"Rather than belch out loose, woolly bass in an effort to dig down a few more hertz, their low-end output fell off fairly quickly, leaving behind punchy, agile bass. Despite being of only modest size, they were able to create a big sound with more than enough power to energize my room. I never felt the need for a subwoofer or bigger speakers."

"...the drums sounded quick and incisive, propelling the track forward with a great sense of pace, rhythm, and timing."

"...the Silver 6 costs just one-third of the Argon3L’s price. That’s what makes the Monitor remarkable. While they aren’t sonically identical, both should appeal to listeners who value resolution, imaging, and transparency, and who also want a speaker that can rock out and sound effortless while doing so. That the Silver 6 did this for a fraction of the Argon3L’s price while coming very close to the Amphion’s level of performance I found incredible, and it makes the Monitor an amazing value."

"This is a tightly contested segment of the speaker market, and there are other worthy options, but they don’t all look as good as the Silver 6, and even fewer offer the sort of clarity and resolution of these amazing performers."

"After living with them for a while, I can say that this British speaker is the perfect solution for someone who cares about good sound...”

Read the full review

AV Forums

Silver 8

October 2014

AV Forums: Highly Recommended!

"Score 9/10: Exciting yet refined sound; Good bass extension; Lovely build and finish; Flexible positioning."

“The design delivers a richly detailed mid-range that retains a wonderful sense of clarity and precise imaging. Clearly all Monitor Audio’s hard work at improving the mid-range performance has paid off...”

“The combination of melancholy vocals, acoustic guitar and some marvellous electric guitar from both Bernard Butler and David Gilmour sounded wonderful on the Silver 8s.”

“All these tests showed that the Silver 8 were capable of delivering a detailed stereo image with a wide dynamic range and real control, resulting in a focused soundstage that was able to distinguish individual instruments well.”

“The performance was excellent, with the speakers delivering an open and warm soundstage that retained both detail and clarity.”

“...the Silver 8s produced a sound that was rich and refined but also had plenty of range, meaning they can handle just about anything from female vocals to bass heavy rock to a full orchestra.”

“Their combination of looks, build quality and performance make them great value and you definitely won’t be disappointed with their versatility and refinement. Highly Recommended.”

"Their combination of looks, build quality and performance make them great value and you definitely won't be disappointed with their versatility and refinement. Highly Recommended."

- Steve Withers, July 2014

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Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

Silver 1

September 2014

Hi-Fi Choice Recommends Silver 1

Esteemed reviewer David Price has tested the Silver 1 in an in-depth review for Hi-Fi Choice Magazine.

As well as giving a full Five Stars to our "small but perfectly formed" speaker, the Silver 1 was also awarded with the Hi-Fi Choice Recommended title. In concluding the review, David Price listed the following reasons:

"Big, punchy, detailed sound; superb finish; value"

Read the full coverage in the November issue of Hi-Fi Choice Magazine.

Soundstage Hi-fi

Silver 6

August 2014

Soundstage Access Reviewer's Choice!

"As sharp as the Monitors looked, what grabbed my attention was their sound... I could crank these speakers to great effect, enjoying clean output at volumes unsafe for extended listening. They were as comfortable reproducing the sound of a solo violin as of a symphony orchestra, and their ability to convey real-life dynamics was exemplary."

"No other compact music system that I am aware of could capture the scale of this music so effortlessly, or so energize a listening room, as did these in mine."

"...the Silver 6 is a great place to start -- and, perhaps, finish. This is a tightly contested segment of the speaker market, and there are other worthy options, but they don’t all look as good as the Silver 6, and even fewer offer the sort of clarity and resolution of these amazing performers."

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AVTech Media

Silver 8

August 2014

AV Tech Media Awards 2014/2015: Silver 8

Hi-Fi News, Hi-Fi Choice and Home Cinema Choice have teamed up for the AV Tech Media Awards 2014/2015, naming Monitor Audio the winner in two categories!

Our Silver 8 floorstander was named "Best Floorstanding Speaker". "Bass is well articulated, midband is crisp yet smooth and treble is beautifully detailed. The Silver 8 delivers a rewarding performance with everything you throw at it, and is sublime at the price."

Read more in the AV Tech Media Awards supplement included with the Awards issues of Hi-Fi News, Hi-Fi Choice and Home Cinema Choice.

AV Forums

Silver 8

August 2014

Silver 8; "Highly Recommended"

Steve Withers, Assistant Editor of AV Forums, has tested our Silver 8 speakers resulting in a Highly Recommended badge and a standout review:

"The performance was excellent, with the speakers delivering an open and warm soundstage that retained both detail and clarity. The positioning and localisation of instruments within the stereo imaging was also impressive and the mid-range was well served by the design, as was the low-end thanks to two 6.5" drivers. As a result the Silver 8s produced a sound that was rich and refined but also had plenty of range, meaning they can handle just about anything from female vocals to bass heavy rock to a full orchestra."

Read the full review

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

Silver 8

June 2014

Silver 8s awarded an Editor's Choice

Established reviewer David Price has tested our Silver 8 floorstanding speaker in the latest issue of Hi-Fi Choice.

Immediately impressing with all it offered the Silver 8 earned full marks, collecting 5 out of 5 stars and an Editor's Choice award! Following a gleaming review David concluded with it's all round strength:

"As any good football manager knows, the easiest way to win is not to lose - and the Monitor Audio Silver 8 is an arch exponent of this. It simply doesn't give goals away gladly; there's little weakness on show in any respect. This is an excellent all-round loudspeaker that most will really enjoy."

Read the full review in the August 2014 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

Silver 8

June 2014

Figure Of Eight

"Interestingly, the Silver 8 has no real weaknesses... it doesn't hurt, offend, frighten or intimidate — it just gets on the job, does it well, and doesn't make a fuss."

The Silver 8 is surprisingly unfussy. I stand it about 30cm from the rear wall, gently toed -in and it sings. It has a surprisingly clean and neutral sound - unlike some rivals that also use metal coned drivers."

"The Silver 8 sounds wonderfully integrated and all-of-a-piece. Thomas Dolby's One of Our Submarines Is Missing comes over with a combination of detail and decorum that I simply hadn't expected at this price."

"Bass is strong and well articulated, midband crisp yet smooth and the treble beautifully detailed."

"It gives the very pleasant combination of openness and musicality, which proves infectious on Black Uhuru's Party Next Door."

"...far better than most price rivals in its ability to conjure up a cavernous soundstage."

"Indeed, one great talent of the 8 is its ability with vocals; there's a sense of natural ease that makes even the most challenging female voices a pleasure."

"That dome tweeter really is very good, and marries so well with the midrange driver that you'd be forgiven for thinking you were hearing a far more expensive speaker."

"At its price though, to criticise would be churlish, because it's just so darned competent at everything you can throw at it."

"This is an excellent all-round loudspeaker that most will really enjoy...people wanting a really capable design that gets on with the job of playing music in a subtle yet sophisticated way will love it."

- David Price, Hi-Fi Choice, June 2014

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Home Cinema Choice

Silver 6AV12

May 2014

"Stunning build quality."

Home Cinema Choice found the Silver 6 AV12 package to be 'Best Buy' worthy, as well as;

"a highly impressive system offering top-drawer performance, elegant looks and stunning build quality. Monitor Audio's refined responsive sound works wonders for music, and with movies it delivers one of the most natural and immersive soundstages I've heard."

Trusted Reviews

Silver 6AV12

May 2014

Silver 6AV12 earns the "Trusted Reviews Recommended" title.

Esteemed reviewer Danny Phillips tests the Silver 6AV12 package, awarding it the Trusted Reviews Recommended title and an overwhelmingly positive review:

"We’re already big fans of Monitor Audio’s sound and Silver 6AV12 does nothing to diminish our admiration. It delivers a powerful yet highly polished performance with movies, easily hitting the level of quality you’d expect for the money."

Read the full review

AV Forums

Silver 6AV12

April 2014

AV Forums Silver 6AV12 Review

"If you want a speaker package that delivers on sound and aesthetics, this is a great place to start looking."

"As well as convenient controls, the whole package is built to the impeccable standards we've come to expect from Monitor Audio."

"The build quality is excellent too."

"The top end of the latest Silver range is extremely impressive. The detail that Monitor Audio specializes in is still present in spades but there is a smoothness to how it presents material."

"Even when pushed to high volume levels, the Monitor Audios are utterly unflappable and free of aggression."

"The Expendables is still a plot vacuum of the first order but the Monitors manage to create a sense of order and cohesion in the combat sequences that is vital to making sense of events. Even as levels climb, they stay controlled, detailed and very engrossing. A factor that helps the performance is that the main C-CAM driver used across all the speakers has enough impact to mean that the subwoofer is augmenting them rather than having to work above its comfort zone. Gunfire has real punch and impact and the dialogue (such as it is) is still clear and easy to follow. "

"This leaves the Silver W12 to get on with the business of sub bass and this is something it does extremely effectively."

"Bass extension is deep, clean and extremely potent. Furthermore, the APC system does genuinely work to avoid resonance or room spikes."

"When watching the cheerful insanity of Troll Hunter, the way that the FX opens out the Norwegian forest is excellent. The diffusion of sound effectively creates the impression of there being more than two sources for it and the out of phase dipole setting in particular is extremely effective."

"What makes this more exciting still is that while it looks excellent, this is a package that delivers sonically too. The performance is exciting but easy to live with and the dedicated surround speakers and clever subwoofer setup software give these speakers a cinematic performance that is unfailingly enjoyable."

- Ed Selley,

Read the full review

AV Forums

Silver 6AV12

March 2014

High tech features make room-friendly 6AV12 system system "Unfailingly Enjoyable"

New Silver’s accomplished tech has impressed AVForums’ Ed Selley. Ed has lived with many larger systems, but what sets the 6AV12 apart even from more expensive rivals is the way it has weaved specialised features with a smaller footprint to deliver truly cinematic replay from a room-friendly design. Awarding a coveted ‘recommended’ badge, he concludes that “…while it looks excellent, this is a package that delivers sonically too. The performance is exciting but easy to live with and the dedicated surround speakers and clever subwoofer setup software give these speakers a cinematic performance that is unfailingly enjoyable. If you want a speaker package that delivers on sound and aesthetics, this is a great place to start looking”.

Read the full review

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

Silver 6

March 2014

Superb AV Package Shines

The March 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine features a First Test review of Silver 6AV12, where the 5.1 surround system impressed to the tune of five stars.

The system teams the Slender Silver 6 floor stander with the acoustically matched Silver Centre and dual-dispersion FX surrounds, for an enveloping audio experience. All of this, supported by a rich layer of deep bass potency from the awesome 500 watt Silver W12 subwoofer means the Silver 6AV12 unifies form and function, and produces nothing less than precise and compelling sound. What Hi-Fi? agreed that this wonderfully complete package delivers a "..sound quality that will worry most rivals" and concluded that the system delivers "Well matched; seamless integration with the subwoofer; insight and precision; finish."

You can read the full review in the March 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

Download the full review

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

Silver 6

December 2013

Their Energy, Detail and Zing Will Wow You

FOR: Crisply attacking, straight-edged sound; superb driver integration; beautifully made.

"The new Silver range is a thorough reworking of the series it replaces."

"The Silver 6s immediately impress as compact, handsome and sturdy speakers... there's no arguing with the luxuriousness of these speakers' build."

"After a good 72 hours of initial use under their belts they deliver a vigorous, up-and-at-'em sound with a level of enthusiasm that borders on the relentless."

"...there's nothing to touch them where the entry into individual notes is concerned - a rare quality at any price. It makes for a well defined presentation too, with even pedestrian recordings given tangible momentum."

"Integration between the drivers, though, is absolutely first-rate. At the bottom of the frequency range the Silver 6s delve pretty deep and hit hard."

"No matter the type, quality or source of the recording offered, the Monitor Audio Silver 6s sink their teeth in and give it a damn good shaking. Nothing can touch them for crispness."

Canada HiFi Magazine

Silver 8

December 2013

Canada Hi-Fi Silver 8 Review

"After warming up the system I was immediately immersed into a warm spacious soundfield with no trace of harshness, one that drew me into the music and made me happy to listen for long periods."

"I was not expecting this much involvement from such a modestly priced floorstander. I was testing it alongside a number of higher priced models, and it never embarrassed itself in their company."

"I suspect the gold domed tweeter is responsible for a good part of my satisfaction. It has a wide dispersion so you are not limited to a narrow sweet spot, and it offers excellent extension and strong levels of detail without sounding etched."

"Here the soundstage is wide, with instruments well located within it. It’s a big sound, hypnotic, detailed and fast paced."

"The Silver 8 produces a very punchy rich orchestral sound and conveys good weight in Shostakovich’s Tenth on the Naxos label. Its reflexes are fast, its performance effortless as always, and it is easy to follow the complex structure."

"In a smaller scale classical work, Mozart’s Divertimento in E Flat, I enjoyed the rich string tone and instrumental colour, the strong imaging, the wide bandwidth and the excellent overall balance, which allowed me to follow each line simultaneously."

"So there you have it – a very successful package fully competitive with others at its price point and even 25 percent above. It has refinement, wide bandwidth, warmth, speed and tone colour all in its favour, and it seems to take everything easily in its stride."

"If you are looking today for a floor standing speaker for under $3,000, put this right at the top of your audition list. You won’t be sorry."

Read the full review

Canada HiFi Magazine

Silver 8

December 2013

Canada HiFi Magazine reviews Silver 8.

"What’s not to like?" Canada HiFi Magazine asked when they reviewed our Silver 8.

"I was not expecting this much involvement from such a modestly priced floorstander. I was testing it alongside a number of higher priced models, and it never embarrassed itself in their company. I suspect the gold domed tweeter is responsible for a good part of my satisfaction. It has a wide dispersion so you are not limited to a narrow sweet spot, and it offers excellent extension and strong levels of detail without sounding etched."

Read the full review here.

Audio Fidelity (Poland)

Silver 10

January 2014

So Hot, they’re ‘Cool’!

Polish audio magazine ‘High Fidelity’ has fallen for the silky control offered by our new Silver 10s. Reviewer Wojciech Pacula is impressed by the speaker’s ‘cool’ ability to combine the consistency of expensive stand-mount speakers with the scale of a floor stander, so much so that the 10s have joined the mag’s ‘Best Product 2013’ list. He says “with the Silver 10 we get a smooth, delicate, large-scale sound with a flourish and powerful bass. You do not need expensive electronics to get them to sound really great! You just need to ensure that power is sufficient. If so, it’s hard to imagine a system in which Silver 10 ever sounds uncontrolled or uncool - on the contrary "coolness" is their trademark.”

(Translated from Polish.)

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User reviews

Paul Elliott Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

October 2015

I'd purchased a Hegel H80 amp about a year ago and had the good fortune to hear the Silver 8s at the time paired with the amp and they caught my attention as a rather excellent set of speakers.

Circumstances changed since buying the amp for me, so I returned to audition the speakers again!

Now having had the 8s for a few months I'm in awe of the effortless music that my system now pours out. I love the delicate yet fulsome delivery of all sorts of music and I simply can't praise the Silver 8s enough paired with the H80. For me low level listening was important and these beauties are just as adept at rattling the windows as playing at low levels without loss of detail and poise. Very pleased indeed with the Silver 8s and have since bought Silver Centre speaker also.

Amit Mital Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

August 2015

I coupled the Silver 8s with a Rega Elex-R. I burned-in the speakers for a day - 24 hrs... I just can't stop listening to my Pink Floyds or alt-J or Mew collection....I made an intelligent choice across the audiophile space. So should everybody! Wow!!!!

peter wilson Monitor Audio UK

Silver 10

March 2015

I bought the silver 10s to replace a pair of rogers ls7e I didn't think I would get the performance of the rogers but I was wrong when I run them in for about 500 hours the base was deep and solid and the highs of the tweeters is immensely projected and the mid range brings them all together for a great sound stage it doesn't mater if you listen to classical or thrash metal these speakers are a delight they were by far the best speakers under £2000 I tried and I tried a lot if your looking at speakers you must give these an audition you wont be disappointed

Luc Monitor Audio UK

Silver 1

February 2015

Worth bi-amping

Amir Mahmood Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

February 2015

I was originally looking at a pair of RX8s to install in my home cinema. After hearing that a new Silver line was to be released late 2013, I knew that I should wait for them. After hearing them at an in store demo, I was blown away at how spacious, clear and accurate these were. Within 30 minutes, I'd ordered the Silver 8s, Silver Centre and Silver RX surrounds.

After installation and running in they just sounded better and better. A year later, I'm still enjoying every moment of the high explosive movies, soft gentle acoustics and crystal clear pin drops!

I highly recommend the Silver 8s, amazing value for money. Mine are in gloss black. Not only to they look amazing, but they sound even better!

Jan Kranenburg Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

January 2015

The Monitor Silver 8 in beautiful natural oak. Now 4 weeks at home, I'm surprised they sound better and better every day. Sparkling far above human hearing great pure mid to very low bass This sound is stunningly beautiful if you are running on low volumes and remains extremely stable and equally beautiful also on hard volumes My regular listening and compare all good brands with own CD's in many showrooms in the last years has led to the best audiophile purchase. I listen carefully to music of sometimes light classical to often heavy rock, from metal to gothic. Both high female voice - to deep male voice come purely from the speakers. You recognize any Instrument apart in the interplay. The timbre of wind instruments and string instruments is very well recognizable. Beautiful in and separate from the speakers and spread over the full width of the room. Never had such good bass lines in my room. Now I fall in love when I listen to Tarja (turunen) or other beautiful female voices. These speakers make every day enjoyable. And pick up the deepest emotion from my LP records. Thanks for such a good design and construction with such good parts, Well worth the price for the next 10 years or more. Listened to Onkyo TX-NR808, Pioneer PL-630 with Project Preamp, Onkyo BD-SP809 and Mede8er Med800X3D.

Simon Davies Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

January 2015

I have just replaced my trusty old Silver 8i s with a gleaming piano black pair of Silver 8s. It as if a veil has been lifted! They keep getting better as they run in.. Wonderful midrange and great balance. They work brilliantly with my Naim Unitilite. Warmly recommended.

Robert Day Monitor Audio UK

Silver 1

September 2014

Let me first start by stating I'm a long term Monitor Audio fan, my previous speakers were BR5 Floor standers, damaged by my cat. I replaced them with a set of S1 stand mounts from my local dealer Audio T. It's early days yet but out of the box the S1 are outstanding, The detail and stereo image is outstanding, my worry was I would have the bass I require with the small S1 as my previous were the BR5. Worry no more the S1 are small but the bass is amazing with great timing and the S1 are just so coherent. they perform in all areas. They are simply a small stand mount punching above its weight. I choose the piano gloss black, the fit and finish is quiet simply astonishing when you consider the Price £500. Thank you Monitor Audio for again showing that class leading speakers do not have to cost the earth. I cant wait for a few months when they are run in and at their best.

Marvin Mason Monitor Audio UK

Silver 10

March 2014

Wow! I listened to the Silver series and all were great, but the 10s blew me away. From the tight bass to the sparkling highs--every nuance is heard. They've got me going back through all my music to discover what I've been missing all along.

David Kerr Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

January 2014

After an audition yesterday at SSAV Exeter, I have just ordered these. They were up against Tannoy DCT 6SE (awful) and PMC Twenty 23. Simply left the others way behind in terms of range, colour and detail. They cope extra-ordinatily well with big and complex music like grand opera and Beethoven's 9th. Stunning with Pink Floyd too! Can't wait to get my hands on them next week. (AudioLab 8200CD + 8000S + 8000P)

Terry Hetzel Monitor Audio UK

Silver 10

December 2013

Wow, The new Silver RX10 looks great!!! Two 8 inchers was a great idea. Now if I can only figure out how to sell my RX2's and afford the 10's, I'll be good. I'm open to suggestions!

Clive Polles Monitor Audio UK

Silver 2

November 2013

I had the chance to listen to the silver 2 and I was blown away by their clarity and musicality they put my old loved rs6 floor standers to shame I had the RS6 5.1 package for more than 3 yrs now tried to change them went for the ASB soundbar wasn't a good experience now I know what to buy next and it's all made of silver thank you Monitor audio.

Adam Callingham Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

October 2013

Heard these at the Home Tech Show in Norwich over the weekend. I have now ordered a pair. They were stunning!! Upgrading from Epos M22i. A massive jump in performance and from what I've heard in the past, a big improvement on the RX range.
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