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If you love fabulous sound and design, get ready for a blissful experience. From each of eight new Silver Series models you’ll enjoy a unity of form and function that is as precise as it is compelling; the product of over forty years of speaker development, invested with our love for accurate audio, imbued with our belief in design perfection.  

Super-slender and finished in a choice of Rosenut, Walnut, Natural Oak, and Black Oak real-wood veneers - and in devastatingly chic gloss black and white - the new Silver range is a beguiling force of nature and state-of-the-art loudspeaker design, made to re-energise entertainment in your home. 

Features introduced by our prestigious Platinum and Gold series speakers have been enhanced, and recent innovations in driver engineering incorporated across an extended new range, which includes two stand mount models: Silver 1 and 2; three floor speakers: Silver 6, 8, 10; and dedicated centre, ‘FX’ surround and active subwoofer models. While Silver 1, 2, 6, centre and FX retain the form factor of their predecessors, the Silver 8 becomes a full three way design, and new to the Silver genre, the Silver 10 tower offers an up-scaled floor-standing format, featuring twin 8” bass drivers for a deeper more dynamic and consistent response in larger rooms. 


  • Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium (C-CAM®) drivers
  • C-CAM Gold dome tweeter
  • Rigid Surface Technology (RST®) mid-range and bass drivers
  • Bolt-through Driver design
  • HiVe®II High Velocity reflex port
  • Real wood veneer and lacquer finishes

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11 February, 2015

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23 January, 2015

SoundStage Access presents the Monitor Audio Silver 6 with the Product Of The Year Award!

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Stereophile Praises Silver 8

23 January, 2015

Monitor Audio's Silver 8 receives a fantastic review from Stereophile.

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08 December, 2014

Silver 8 and Radius R90 System Win Prestigious Awards

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Truly Gadgets logo

April 2015

A Soundbar With Swagger

"If you’re tired of your screen rattling, or your video impressing but audio being left behind, then the SB-2 might just be your ticket to more engaging and immersive sports events, blockbusters, video games, or even sitcoms.
" excellent surround-sound-like performance without needing a full multi-speaker system."
"100 total watts of power put out enough for small and mid-sized rooms, and the listed frequency range of 90Hz – 30kHz covers most everything."
" this price range, it’s an absolute stunner for performance without any unnecessary bells and whistles, and the build quality is top-notch."
- Greg May, Truly Net, April 2015

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HiFi+ logo

February 2015

HiFi+ Silver 8 Speaker Review

"The overall presentation is hearty and generous, definitely offering a lot of sound for the money." 
"Bass from that pair of C-CAM woofers goes very deep..."
"They will boogie when asked: they can do scale, weight, and authority; timing is respectable; and soundstaging is generous and well-proportioned."
"When the price is taken into account, it's quite a package - and as an all-rounder, the Silver 8 delivers a satisfying and well-judged performance."
"...these are fun loudspeakers with a big, confident sound, deep and spacious soundstage, and respectable dynamics."
"...Abdullah Ibrahim and Kramat from 'Ekapa Lodumo' is lively and tuneful, the percussion has clear timing and balance, and there is more sense of the piece building to a climax and conclusion."
"A sure sign of a good loudspeaker is that it can rise to the occasion, and the Silver 8 certainly did just that."
"...the generous bass and the impact and drive from those two paired bass drivers will satisfy many..."
"...many recordings will benefit from the Silver 8's handling of loudness as 'quantity' rather than 'intensity'."

"I think Monitor Audio has produced an all-rounder in the Silver 8, one that will impress in an AV system, while still satisfying with two-channel." 

"They are perfectly capable of raising the hairs on my arms, or making me grin like a loon."
"They are, rather, big-hearted and generous partners with a sense of fun and musicality." 
"They can raise their game when called upon to do so, but they can just as easily work within a modest system, and get more out of it than you might have expected."
"What I did find, during my time with the Monitor Audio Silver 8s, was that I often just put on music and enjoyed the experience... I just went with the flow of the music. And that was really easy to do because the speaker doesn't demand constant attention and fussing over; it just is what it is. And that's no bad thing."
- Steve Dickinson, HiFi+, January 2015

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Stereophile Magazine logo

January 2015

Stereophile Praises Silver 8

  "The Silver 8 is simply gorgeous, with a fit and finish that are probably impossible to achieve at the price without production in the Far East."

  "Talk about hopes realized! From the second the system was powered up, the Silver 8s impressed me."

  "I heard a welcome clarity in the midrange that gave all music a natural presence..."

  "I could hear no fault with the Silver 8 with voices that span the crossover frequency."

  "At low levels, the speaker's low end was in good balance, as suggested above, and the louder I pushed them, the more power and impact the Silver 8s delivered, without boom."

  "...I found the Silver 8's bass remarkably solid and satisfying."

  "There's little to say about the Silver 8's treble. Although it was detailed and extended, it was also smooth and untiring."

  "Indeed, as with the best speakers — those costing far more than the Silver 8's $2,000/pair — the high frequencies, almost all overtones, were unobtrusively integral to the music, not distinct from the midrange fundamentals. I greatly appreciated this with recordings of both small and large ensembles."

  "...the Silver 8s provided, from the CD, a precise spatial delineation, as in a good chamber music performance, coupled with remarkable impact and presence from each instrument."

  "What a marvelous way to take flight to a world of beauty from the reality of a rainy day! While the harmonies may be complex, the perception is of effortless flow, even in two channels. One can succumb happily or listen analytically, but either way, one does so with the feeling that nothing separates one from the music and the musicians."

  "...I can't say that listening in stereo via the Silver 8s was anything less than delightful."

  "Their soundstage was deep and, if I wanted to focus on instrument placements instead of the music, there was a wealth of stable detail to appreciate."

  "My, did the Silver 8s deliver." 

  “Regardless of track or changes in players, it all sounded more alive and engaging than I remembered.”

  “…compared with my admittedly older and discontinued Paradigm Studio/60v3s ($1,699/pair when last available), the Silver 8s were strikingly cleaner in the lower midrange, more open in the upper midrange, and had a subtler treble.”

  "This review is so brief because I'm at a loss to point to any way in which, for its size and price, the Monitor Audio Silver 8 disappointed. I've been looking at speakers for $3,000/pair or less for a while, and have not heard any that I would prefer to the Monitor Audio Silver 8."

                                   - Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile, January 2015

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Hi-Fi Choice Magazine logo

December 2014

Silver 2: 5-Star Review and "Recommended" Award

"...blessed with plenty of clarity and immediacy plus weight and depth, and its very own distinctive, highly detailed sound."

"...the Monitor Audio can deliver all the power it needs, but does so in a more relaxed and less forced manner than many similarly priced rivals
"...a more gutsy yet relaxed presentation that's very good at carrying dynamic accents that most others miss."
"Isaac Hayes' 'Life's Mood' is a joy. Percussion is better accented than most, giving a superior sense of rhythmic flow, and the crashing keyboard cadences push out in a more arresting and explicit way."
" the same time, the tonal purity is such that the piano sound is beautifully carried. Behind this, violins soar in a wonderfully accurate and expressive way, and the speakers catch the drama of this great song."
"The Silver 2 pushes out a wider soundstage than its rivals."
"You can really hear inside and drill down into the low-level detail, in a way that many rivals simply don't allow." 
"The Smiths' 'Girl Afraid' is wonderfully open and detailed, but still carries the emotion within the song." 
"Snare drums sound tight, while the treble is delicate and smooth; the tweeter reveals real delicacy that makes rivals seem rather ragged in comparison."


The Absolute Sounds Magazine logo

December 2014

Silver 10 TAS Review

"...the Silver 10s are more than just adequate; they are one of the best $2,500-and-under full-range floorstanders I've heard..."
"I listened to this song on repeat for almost 45 minutes after a day of listening and my ears weren't fatigued. Next came Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Texas Flood," which is another song that can be plenty fatiguing; even after the Lofgren torture test, SRV was as pleasing as ever."
"...great voicing, solid bass when properly spaced from the rear walls, an engaging soundstage, and a diverse ability to sound great with a wide range of music. Really, what more could you want from an affordable speaker?"


                - Spencer Holbert, The Absolute Sound, December 2014


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Diapason logo

October 2014

Diapson: Silver 2 Review

"The Silver 2 seduces, it is homogeneous and well balanced on the spectral level."

"Even while listening to a symphonic orchestra, you never feel frustrated regarding the sound level."

"The air circulates freely between the instruments. The timbres are rich and dense."

"The dynamic opulence and stability conclude this very beautiful speaker."


  • Walnut Real Wood VeneerWalnut Real Wood Veneer
  • Black Oak Real Wood VeneerBlack Oak Real Wood Veneer
  • Rosenut Real Wood VeneerRosenut Real Wood Veneer
  • High Gloss Black LacquerHigh Gloss Black Lacquer
  • High Gloss White LacquerHigh Gloss White Lacquer

Please note: All finishes may not be available on all products in the range.