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Silver 200

August 2017

Silver 200 5-STAR Review

The new 6th Generation of Silver has received its first review from What Hi-Fi?, and we are proud to say that the review couldn't be better, containing an abundance of praise and a full 5 Star rating!

What Hi-Fi? stated "if we create a tick-list of what makes a great all-rounder, these new Silver floorstanders pass every test and have a great deal of fun while doing so."

They also call the Silver 200s "Monitor Audio’s finest Silver Series floorstanders yet." 

More Great Quotes Are Below:

"...a very mature performance, highlighted by a penchant for rhythmic and instrumental organization as well as a smoothly levelled balance."

"At the lower end, the Silver 200s reach those pulsing frequencies you feel more than hear, while there is plenty of headroom too."

"Most important, though, is the richness and clarity throughout. Nowhere do these speakers sound flabby, coarse or thin."

"...there is an impressive amount of clarity and detail here - more, to the best of our recollection, than ever before."

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