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Shadow 50

December 2012

Slim speakers that can rock out without dominating your room's décor!

"The Shadows sounded really clean at a moderate volume, so I decided to keep turning up the volume un-til the distortion became uncomfortable. Up and up the level climbed, but the distortion didn’t appear. Eventu-ally, I ran out of ammo... my SPL meter reading 106 dB from my listening chair. Yet the Shadows still sounded clear and dynamic."

"I couldn’t believe how spacious the sound was. Not only did I get up and go over to the left surround to make sure it wasn’t on, I actually pressed my ear up to it, unable to accept that I was getting such spacious sound from a pair of on-walls."


  • Excellent volume output for their size.
  • Sleek, décor friendly desig

VERDICT: A super-slim set of on-wall speakers that plays loud, clean, and clear.

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Shadow 50

November 2012

Shadow with Substance

They’re great to look at, but there’s so much more to our super-skinny Shadow on-wall speakers than meets the eye. We’ve taken our best audio technologies and optimised their performance for the demands of the slimmest cabinets. This means that even though the wall-hugging Shadow speakers are a mere 40mm in depth, they generate the full frequency sound of a much larger design. Our confidence is confirmed by the latest review, from Sound and Vision magazine, which says that the Shadows play ‘loud, clean and clear’, with ‘excellent volume output for their size’, concluding that ‘the Monitor Audio Shadow series speakers play really loud and sound really good. Yeah, on-walls are still a compromise, but when you hear these, I think you’ll agree that the compromise is minimal.’

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Custom Retailer

Shadow 25

September 2014

Excite Award Winner

Each year, CustomRetailer magazine invites nominations of products that stand out for being innovative, high-performing and solutions-oriented for the custom installation professional. This year's winners stood out as particularly impressive, considering the unique challenges custom installers face every day on the job. The impact these products have on the industry is felt in the installers' productivity, the dealers' profitability, the clients' satisfaction and the industry's vitality.

Congratulations to Monitor Audio's Shadow Series.

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