• Subwoofers Subwoofers
  • C-CAM drivers C-CAM drivers
  • Driver size 10in
  • Footprint 320mm x 330mm
  • Mode switch Mode switch
  • Power 200 w
  • Class D Amp Class D Amp


BXW10 technology
  • Powerful compact active subwoofer.
  • 10" C-CAM® long throw driver
  • 200W Class-D amplifier
  • Available in four vinyl wood finishes.


Low Frequency Limit

27 Hz

Upper Frequency Limit

40 – 150 Hz Variable

Low Pass Filter Alignment

12dB/Octave variable + 12dB Octave fixed @ 150Hz

Amplifier Output

200 W (RMS)

Amplifier Classification

Class - D Digital amplifier with switch mode PSU

Driver Compliment

1 x 10” C-CAM® long throw driver

Dimensions: (HxWxD)

320 x 320 x 330 mm (336mm high inc feet.)
12 5/8 x 12 5/8 x 13 inches (13 1/4 high inc feet)
(Excluding grille)

Input Impedance

20 K Ohms

Standby power consumption

0.17 watts (ErP certified)

Mains Input Voltage

110-120 Vac - 50-60Hz
220-240 Vac - 50-60Hz
Factory region pre-set.

Weight (Individual)

10.92 Kg (24 lbs)

Professional reviews


BX Centre

November 2012

Super Sonic Value: "Monitor Audio's Affordable, Awesome Speaker Package"

“...the longer I listened, the more impressed I became by their unforced musicality and easy, natural dynamics.”

“The Monitor Audio aced it, with whistling that was even and bright without ever leaning toward the shrill on any one note (an excellent indication of smoothness in the top octaves of tweeter response), and with intact baritone breathiness that never tilted over the rasp of fizz.”

“In terms of vocal honesty and of midrange texture and detail, the Bronze BX2s sounded far, far more expensive than $500-ish per pair.”

“And the treble demands were met effortlessly: Horn attacks and drum transients sounded uniformly excellent.”

“The Monitor Audio supporting cast, comprising the BX Center and BXFX surrounds, provided solidly, unspectacularly competent reproduction - with the latter characterization meant in the best way.”

“The center-channel unit made an unusually close match with the BX2s and, when auditioned on-axis (from the center seating location), created a truly seamless “front stage.”

“The Monitor Audio array turned out to have plenty of reserves for louder fare like Godzilla - and the little BXW10 proved itself a gamer, willingly laying down a surprisingly solid basis for footballs, crashing buildings, and other assorted mayhem.”

“(Monitor Audio) should be proud to have produced a very well-balanced, highly musical, and attractive layout that delivers honest value and then some."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


November 2010

First Tests - BX2 AV System

'Good looks, good finish, good spec; wide-open, controlled and dynamic sound...Thrillingly fit for purpose, the Bronze BX 5.1 is money very well spent.'

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User reviews

Jackson Wu Monitor Audio UK


February 2016

Opportunity dictated that I purchase a BXW10 instead of a MRW10. It goes with my MR4 towers. MRC center and MR1 surrounds, hooked to a Denon AVR X1100 receiver.

The BXW10 puts paid to the (false) notion that subwoofers operate at such low frequencies, where detail and colour are lost. With the right crossover and LPF settings this sub doesn't boom, doesn't go monotone and doesn't overwhelm the other speakers in the ensemble. What it does do, is extend the characteristically clean, detailed and natural sound of other Monitor Audio speakers down to the bottom notes of the upright bass or the Taiko drums.

This subwoofer is, obviously, intended to reproduce music faithfully, not to (at sensible volumes) rattle windowpanes or make a room seem cavernous.

While making one Monitor Audio speaker fit in with speakers of other brands may be somewhat difficult, a setup of Monitor Audio speakers all around breathes meaning to the expression. "True Hi-Fi".

Cristian Concha Monitor Audio UK


October 2013

(Translated from Spanish) From Chile, I have the Bonze BX W10 and the sound is fantastic gives a depth and force that leaves you with your mouth open. It is too much for such a small size.
I recommend it 100%. With Harman Kardon AVR165

Congratulations Monitor Audio!

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