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Bronze BX blends the best of its award-winning BR predecessors with the technologies of our Platinum and RX ranges to set a new standard of performance and quality in its price class. The Bronze BX evolution features C-CAM® drivers, single bolt driver fixings, improved crossovers, HiVE reflex ports, magnetic grille attachment and no fewer than two vinyl wood finishes in Walnut and Black Oak. From the top of their beautifully made cabinets to their precision-machined footings, the seven slender Bronze BX models demonstrate an accomplished union of fidelity and style that evokes the truest spirit of Monitor Audio.

Ever more advanced computer simulation has allowed us to optimise the tweeter design for higher sensitivity, greater detail and a bandwidth that extends beyond 30kHz. The tweeter sits in a dedicated chamber, which incorporates graduated damping to reduce undesirable resonances for a smoother more accurate response. Optimised using FEA (Finite Elemental Analysis), the BX bass and mid-range drivers have improved voice-coil designs, strengthened chassis and more agile motor assemblies, producing greater linearity, efficiency, and a naturally even tonality. They’re secured on a single rigid through-bolt, which is fixed to the back of the cabinet rather than at the front baffle. This method, perfected for our RX and GX ranges, effectively decouples the driver from the cabinet, reducing colouration, improving system transparency and adding structural rigidity in the process.

In Bronze BX the benefits of our ceaseless search for audio purity and design excellence are dedicated to your enjoyment of music and film audio.


  • C-CAM® Gold dome tweeter
  • C-CAM® Bass drivers
  • C-CAM® mid-range drivers
  • Magnetic grilles
  • New crossovers
  • HiVe® II High Velocity reflex port
  • Single Bolt-through drivers

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision logo

September 2013

Bronze BX2 - Best Stereo Speaker!

"We've long been fans of Monitor Audio's BX2s. They've always been such well-rounded products, as though the people behind them have spent months ironing out any weaknesses, and then months more honing things further."

"No rival we've reviewed feels so solid or is finished to such a high standard."
"These Monitor Audios sound terrific. They have the kind of mature sonic balance that favours long-term satisfaction over the short-term ability to impress at a dealer demo."
"Give them a good long listen and you'll find they deliver an impressive amount of detail. We've yet to come across a rival that can replay Debussy's Clair De Lune with such Finesse. The speaker's dynamic subtlety is pleasing, as is the bass authority."

"Move onto the music of REM and these speakers excel, delivering 'Losing My Religion' with impact and drive."
Sound+Vision logo

April 2013

Bronze BX1 Certified & Recommended

“The Monitor Audio Bronze BX1 looks like a high-end product.”

“Over and over, the panelists described the BX1’s sound as “flat”, but they meant that as a compliment. They meant flat in terms of frequency response, i.e., without any peaks and dips that color the sound.”

“This is an all-around good speaker. It works really well on rock, pop, acoustic music... almost anything.”

“I felt that the BX1’s tweeter was definitely the best in this bunch, the only one that showed not a trace of edginess. It was also in perfect balance with the woofer; Monitor’s engineers nailed the crossover on this speaker.”

“A neutral sound that treats any kind of music with respect. If that’s what you want, the BX1 will provide.”

                                                   - Brent Butterworth, Sound+Vision, April 2013

The Perfect Vision logo

June 2011

The Bronze Age Returns

“An equally strong element in Monitor’s corporate identity is a laudable commitment to value… Nowhere is this commitment more obvious than in the firm’s new “entry level” Bronze BX-series speakers”.

“Bronze BX models frankly do not look or sound like “entry level” products at all.”

“Bronze BX models offer an unusual degree of overall refinement and especially sonic coherency for their price - a quality that I’ve rarely heard so well executed in speakers in this price range.”

“The imaging characteristics of the Bronze models are astonishingly good.”

“The Bronze BX models sound more like the Silver RX range than not and for only a fraction of the price meaning that the Bronze BX offers superb sonic value for money.”

“The Bronzes conveyed qualities of spaciousness and dynamic expansiveness as few small systems can.”

“The sound of the vibes, as presented by the Bronze BX system, is simply gorgeous.”

“It is, quite simply, a brilliant success. The longer you listen to this system, the more “right” it sounds, and for not a lot of money.”

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision logo

May 2011

First Tests - Bronze BX1

"Compact; smart design; clear midrange; decent bass depth and control; good scale."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision logo

February 2011

Bronzes get a gold star

'The easiest £500-ish floorstanders to live with we've heard in a good while - which is why these elegant Monitor Audios score the full five stars...Smooth looks and finish; unified, controlled and unthreatening sound'

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision logo

February 2011

Bronze range shows its mettle

'Excellent detail, resolution and transparency for the money; impressive finish.'


  • Black Oak VinylBlack Oak Vinyl
  • Walnut Pearlescent VinylWalnut Pearlescent Vinyl

Please note: All finishes may not be available on all products in the range.