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Audio / Video Specialist Dealers offer a wide range of Monitor Audio loudspeakers for your consideration in assembling a music or home theater system.
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Monitor Audio products are offered for sale through a network of over 350 factory-authorized dealers throughout the United States. Please enter your zip code to display the closest dealers to you. Thank you for your interest in Monitor Audio.

To be sure you are purchasing genuine Monitor Audio products always confirm that the seller offering Monitor Audio products is an Authorized Monitor Audio Dealer.

Authorized Monitor Audio dealers sell only first quality, authentic Monitor Audio products. ONLY Authorized Monitor Audio dealers offer a full Monitor Audio warranty with every Monitor Audio product they sell.

Products sold by anyone other than an Authorized MONITOR AUDIO Dealer are not covered by MONITOR AUDIO's factory warranty.

These are the ONLY authorized online sellers for Monitor Audio products:

Audio Advisor
Dedicated Audio
Electronics Expo
HiDEF Lifestyle
Huppin’s One Call
Safe & Sound
Saturday Audio Exchange
Upscale Audio


In order to insure that you have full warranty privileges and are purchasing new authentic MONITOR AUDIO products, do not purchase from any seller other than an Authorized MONITOR AUDIO Dealer. To find the Authorized MONITOR AUDIO Dealer nearest you, please use our search window above for a referral to a dealer in your area or call (800) 667-6065.



  • Audiophile Liquidators
  • Designer Audio Video
  • Devoted/Devotion Hi Fi
  • Harambes Stuff
  • HiFi Guys
  • New Audio United
  • New Audio Video
  • Save-On-Audio
  • Single Dad United
  • Sky Valley Audio Video

These UNAUTHORIZED internet-only sellers of electronics often list Monitor Audio products on their websites.

They may use Monitor Audio product listings to lure customers and then attempt to switch them to other products.

They may bill your credit card at any given time within 36 months of your purchase. If they are unable to persuade the customer to buy something else, they will attempt to 'find' the requested product from an unknown source.

The 'Monitor Audio' products offered for sale on these websites may be stolen, used, damaged, remanufactured or counterfeit.

They may offer warranties for 2-3 years for up to $124.95 or more, yet they have no access to genuine Monitor Audio replacement parts. Authorized Monitor Audio purchases carry a 5 year warranty (2 years for subwoofer amplifiers) at NO CHARGE.

They may apply excessive restocking fees for returned merchandise you are not satisfied with. These sellers do not possess comprehensive product knowledge or provide the quality customer service required of Authorized Monitor Audio Dealers.

Here are comments from customers who purchased from Digital Craze and Others:

"Ordering with Designer Audio Video has been the worst online shopping experience I've ever had. After nearly 3 weeks after my order I've yet to receive anything. I know mistakes happen, and I was more then happy to give them the benefit of the doubt. I called their support number and spoke to a man who may be the worst customer service rep in history. I asked him the status of my order and he said "it probably hasn't shipped yet." I asked why it hasn't been shipped after 2 weeks and he said, "that's our business." He was extremely patronizing and rude the entire call. A few days later I called again and spoke to a different rep who told me my speakers were on backorder. I told him the website said it was in stock and should've been here by now, to which he responded, "Did you hear what I just said?" he then told me "if you cancel with me you won't be able to get one elsewhere." I have been shocked by how awful their customer service has been and am considering filing formal complaints with the Better Business Bureau if my problem isn't resolved soon. I strongly advise against ordering with these people. Literally any other supplier would be better."

"Elistinka is selling knockoff products that may or may not work." (Source: Ripoff Report)

"The address of their corporate office in San Francisco is listed in the phone book as a Health Food Store. Hmmm...."

"The product I purchased was supposed to be new from the manufacturer and it was not, it was a refurbished unit and was even shipped directly from the company who did the refurbish work."

"Order was "back-ordered" several weeks and never received it. No communication with customers via telephone or email. Very rude when attempted to call them via phone. Would keep telling me 'another few weeks'."

"Total waste of time! I ordered a pair of speakers 3 weeks ago and they charged my account 6 days later even though the speakers had not, and still have not, shipped. Every time I called I was given a new ship date that never happened. I canceled my order today.

"This place is the BIGGEST scam on the internet! Sure, the prices look good when you see them, but more times than not they just list items they think they can get & then you have to wait till they order them from scratch."

"NEVER BUY HERE. PERIOD. They delivered a lesser model than was ordered, claimed it was the right model. It was previously opened and the serial number removed. They tell you not to fill out and mail the mfr warranty -- BECAUSE THEY ARE OFTEN DEALING IN GREY MARKET OR USED/REFURB GOODS."

"One of the most frustrating on-line ordering experiences I have had..."

"For me it's 5 weeks waiting for my products. I ordered the last week in November and STILL NOTHING. This site and this company the worst I've ever experienced in my over 10 years of online shopping. (THE WORST). All I can say is RUN, DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THIS SITE BUT RUN NOW. With your credit card staying in your wallet. You'll thank me later."

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