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New Silver Series 6G Introduced...

High End Munich was undoubtedly an exciting and memorable show this year, as Monitor Audio officially launched the new 6th Generation Silver Series!

New Silver is introducing ground-breaking design changes and improvements throughout the entire range. It has been developed to provide a wider appeal to audiophiles and home cinema enthusiasts alike, whilst elevating performance to a new level.

The familiar award-winning format of the Silver 2, Silver 8 and Silver 10 have been retained, yet improved to form the new Silver 100, Silver 300 and Silver 500, Silver FX and Silver W-12 models. However, all other models have changed significantly with the introduction of Silver 50, Silver 200, Silver C150 and Silver C350. The two new center speakers now make it possible to assemble discreet, stylish or large, powerful home theater systems. The Silver 50 and Silver 200 are now more compact, providing a more attractive proposition for modern living spaces, yet delivering the same kind of performance expected from much larger speakers.


The launch evening event held during the show had a great turnout with 150 distributors, dealers, and press at the event eager to see and hear the new Silver Series.

Hans Wetzel from SoundStage! was one such visitor. While listening to the new Silver 200s, Hans commented on the improved sound quality, stating:

"I detected slight improvements to midrange clarity and acuity, with stereo imaging seeming to improve as a result."
"That new tweeter shone through, too, in the form of a smoother, sweeter top end."

He concluded by saying:

"Don't let their slender, décor-friendly cabinet size fool you: The Silver 200s can seriously rock out, remaining composed even at high volume."

You can read Hans's full show report here.


Another visitor eager to see the new Silver Series was Kashfia Kabir from What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision. Kashfia commented on the redesigned tweeter, saying: 

"The highlight of the new Silver series is a completely new version of the company's iconic gold dome tweeter, which has been fine-tuned in the quest for clearer, smoother and distortion-free highs."
"The visual flourish of the speckled tweeter grille gives the speakers an eye-catching look, too."

You can read Kashfia's full show report here.

Stay tuned for more information on the Silver Series 6G, available July 2017.


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