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Danny Phillips from Trusted Reviews takes a closer look at the ASB-10 & WS-10 wireless soundbar system...

ASB-10 With Sub V2

Monitor Audio's ASB-10 compact Active Soundbar system, complete with optional WS-10 active subwoofer, is expertly engineered to re-energise HD and UHD pictures with the rich, detailed, and immersive sound you've been missing. Equipped with a precision-tuned high performance 2.0 audio design comprising proprietary driver/amp pairings, integrated Dolby Digital processing and superior Bluetooth apt-X wire-free streaming, the super-slender ASB-10 and WS-10 will generate big audio dynamics from TV, games, discs and smartphones, to become the audio hub for every home.

Danny Phillips from Trusted Reviews recently reviewed the ASB-10 and WS-10 and, after thorough listening, stated:

"The beautifully built ASB-10 and WS-10 are a match made in heaven with their smooth, powerful sound."

Danny went on to say:

"when you put the ASB-10 and WS-10 together, magical things happen. They create an enormous soundstage, with convincing scale and thumping bass." 
"The ASB-10's smooth, silky tone provides hours of fatigue-free listening, not to mention clear, focused dialogue and plenty of sonic detail."


"...there's an ease and smoothness to its presentation that makes it a joy to listen to for long periods."
"The ASB-10 also digs out plenty of detail from the soundtrack, layering punches and explosions with subtle textures. The gentle croak and sibilance in Benedict Cumberbatch's voice is beautifully handled; likewise the thunk of footsteps on a wooden floor."
"Paired with the WS-10, the system is capable of creating a huge soundstage with a terrific sense of scale."
"...the subwoofer's meaty rumble makes you feel dwarfed. It adds depth and impact to every thud as the characters do battle, in turn heightening the drama."
"During quieter moments it lends body to voices and music, but when big action scenes kick in, the WS-10 gives the bangs and crashes impressive slam and definition."
"...when it comes to music the ASB-10 is a delight...The track sounds rich and polished, with inviting piano chords, chunky, detailed double bass and finely detailed percussion. Porter's voice has a deep, velvety tone, while the sax solo is agile and well rounded."

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