Monitor Audio Makes Stereophile's Recommended Components List!

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The PL300 II and Silver 8 have both received Recommended Components status from Stereophile Magazine...

PL300-II and Silver 8 RecCom

The April 2017 issue of Stereophile features their newly compiled Recommended Components list, which is comprised of components across 4-5 quality classes (Class A - E) and are ALL highly recommended for purchase. We are proud to announce that the Platinum PL300 II has made the Class A list of recommended components, and the Silver 8 has made the Class B list! The Silver 8 has also been granted 3 dollar signs ($$$) which represent a product that Stereophile has found to perform much better that might be expected from the product's price! 

Robert Deutsch reviewed the PL300 II back in November 2016, saying that, "Monitor Audio has managed to reduce distortion and nonmusical resonances to a degree that made it easier to imagine that I was listening to live singers." 

He was so impressed that he concluded his review by naming the PL300 II "my new reference."

Read the full review here

The Silver 8 was reviewed by Kal Rubinson back in January 2015, who praised the speakers saying, "I've been looking at speakers for $3,000/pair or less for a while, and have not heard any that I would prefer to the Monitor Audio Silver 8."

Read the full review here

Check out Stereophile's April 2017 issue for more details as well as their complete list of recommended components!


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