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A closer look at the newest product offerings to join the Monitor Audio family...

Climate Lifestyle CLG140

Monitor Audio Climate Garden Series

Monitor Audio's new Climate Garden System extends the brand's innovative award-winning hi-fi sound and technology beyond the home to every part of the garden. Complementing the existing Climate Series of wall-mounted all-weather satellites for patio and pool areas, the Climate Garden System is a luxury, high performance sat/sub design for discreet, versatile ground-surface installation, delivering naturally rhythmic mono or stereo sound to garden spaces of any size.

The new system comprises the Climate CLG-140 satellite speaker and the CLG-W12 subwoofer 'daisy-chained' together in 70/100V line arrays of up to twelve satellites per subwoofer, expandable with additional sat/sub sets according to garden area.

Complementing the Climate Garden Series even further are Crown Audio's CDi Series of two-channel amplifiers. These amplifiers are professional tools designed and built for installed sound applications, and feature accurate, uncolored sound with very low distortion for the best in music and voice reproduction. Advanced protection circuitry guards against shorted outputs, open circuits, DC, mismatched loads, general overheating, high-frequency overloads and internal faults. The two models available are the CDi1000 and the CDi2000, both of which are rugged and offer unmatched value in their class. The CDi1000 offers 500W of power and the CDi2000 offers 800W.

The Climate Garden Series and Crown Amplifiers are available now!

IV140 Lifestyle

Monitor Audio IV140 Invisible In-Wall Speaker

The IV140 Invisible In-Wall is a breakthrough speaker designed to deliver 'best in class' audio performance in concealed in-wall and in-ceiling applications. At just 3 1/4" (95mm) deep, the IV140 will fit into all conventional 4" stud bays within walls, leaving enough room for cabling, or within ceilings. Once skimmed with plaster, the speaker can be finished with paint, light wallpaper or fabric. 

Monitor Audio's IV140 features a large low-frequency transducer for punchy, high power bass along with two high frequency transducers which are bonded to a flat, soft polymer membrane surface to produce sound vibration. This two-way transducer design also features an integrated crossover in the same way as a conventional high-performance speaker to generate a wider frequency range. The result is crystal clear sound quality with smoother overall balance and character.

The IV140 is available now!


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