Residential Systems Praises CP-IW260X and CP-IW460X!

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"Sound quality that will make you forget you're listening to an in-wall."

CP IWX Vertical Groupshot

A recent review by John Sciacca from Residential Systems is full of positive feedback for our CP full-size luxury in-wall speakers. Starting with the 260X, John said the speaker "has wonderful space and depth, and the 260X's delivered the subtle reverb in the recording, her voice breathing into the room and then lingering before decaying and disappearing." Through further listening, John also said the 260X "has a soundstage so immense and wide that it sounded as if I had surround speakers positioned around me." 

Moving on to the 460X, John states, "Turning on the 460X's was like removing the proverbial veil from the sound, releasing this sense of space and delicacy around every recording, and letting every note stand clear and ready to be appreciated."

He concludes by saying the CP IWX speakers have,

"sound quality that will make you forget you're listening to an in-wall" 
and calls the tweeter on the 460X "nothing short of revelatory".

More Great quotes are below:

"The audio is airy, open, detailed, lightning-quick, and effortless."
"The ribbon tweeter is so fast and revealing, it excels at extracting the fine details from any delicate parts of a recording; taking loving, kid gloves to stringed instruments, female vocals, piano notes, cymbal work, and the like, carefully polishing them up, and delivering them in glorious, refined detail."
"The 460X’s captured the aching detail in her voice, even the nearly indistinct sound of her lips parting as she opens her mouth to sing."
"If you have been skeptical of high-resolution audio, not thinking you could hear or appreciate the detail, the 460X’s will take you to church and make you a believer."
"...even at these extreme volume levels, the 460X’s delivered audio that was clean, loud, and oh-so-danceable, without being fatiguing or harsh on the ears. At high volumes these speakers make your walls disappear and have you forget you aren’t listening to a tower."

Read the full review here 


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