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"Like a 'sleeper' hot-rod, the CP-IW460X delivers delicious high-end performance behind a most unassuming exterior."


A fantastic review by George de Sa on our CP-IW460X was recently released by NOVO Magazine (previously Canada HiFi). During his listening, George said, "...I was smitten by the abundance of dynamic bass energy, weight and definition. Esperanza's voice came across as sweet, natural and relaxed."

He compares our speakers to a 'sleeper hot-rod', stating that "...the CP-IW460X delivers delicious high-end performance behind a most unassuming exterior.”

More great quotes are below: 

"The ribbon tweeter in the CP-IW460X is truly a high-end transducer, revealing minute inflections and fine detail in a most refined manner.  This amazing tweeter is also very well integrated with the flanking twin midrange drivers, calling no undue attention to itself.”
“…the CP-IW460X also had an organic warmth across its upper midrange and treble - superb detail without any tendency towards coldness, dryness or sterility.”
“Delivered with dimension, it was as if Sonny was playing just within the confines of my room.”
“The overall soundstage was large with impressive depth and the CP-IW460X's were able to deliver the vastness of the soundscape across the front plane of my room.”
“It has substantial bass, enough to rival a large bookshelf or even mid-size tower loudspeaker.”
“The days of compromising on sound to meet décor trends is a thing of the past with a speaker as capable as the Monitor Audio CP-IW460X.  With its paintable grills, any interior decorator should be satisfied, without compromise to high-end sound.”



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