CES 2017 Wrap Up

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A very busy and very productive show for Kevro and Monitor Audio...

Silver 8 Demo

Kevro and Monitor Audio hosted a very busy CES demonstration suite this year! Our 3 demos, which featured Platinum II and Silver series speakers, were all very well received. Many dealers, magazine reviewers and consumers made a point of visiting us to hear the Platinum II models, which included the PL300 II and the PL100 II. As a result, additional showroom demonstration dealers and end-users will be making Platinum II purchases!!

The surprise of the show was Roksan Audio, the electronics brand Monitor Audio recently acquired: http://www.roksan.co.uk/

All of the Roksan components complimented our Monitor Audio loudspeaker demos quite well. Many visitors to our suite commented on how they admire this respected British electronics brand.

The Roksan flagship  “Blak” series of Integrated Amplifiers and CD Players particularly impressed.

Monitor Audio will be relocating Roksan manufacturing to their world headquarters in Rayleigh, Essex, UK.

In the end, it was quite an exciting show and a fine time was had by all!

Thank you to all who visited us at CES 2017, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

PL300 II Demo


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