Gold 300 Included In 2017 Buyer's Guide!

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The Gold 300 has been included in The Absolute Sound's 2017 Buyer's Guide for Floorstanding Loudspeakers.

Gold 300

The Absolute Sound magazine compliments Monitor Audio even further, by including the Gold 300 speaker in their 2017 Buyer's Guide for Floorstanding Loudspeakers between $5,000 and $10,000! 

Back in August, Julie Mullins reviewed the Gold 300s and was impressed with both their sound quality and style, stating... 

"In addition to its stellar sonic capabilities (particularly throughout the midrange), consider that such a strikingly handsome speaker may be more likely to meet with partner/spousal approval."

She also said that the Gold 300 "was consistently balanced, rich, and full-and always sounded musical."

Check out the FULL Review here.


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