The Absolute Sound PL500 II Review!

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"This was captivating, even highly addictive listening!" - Julie Mullins, TAS, Dec. 2016


The December issue of The Absolute Sound magazine features a review by Julie Mullins who praises our flagship Platinum II speaker, the PL500 II! Julie calls the PL500 II's "high-energy, high-resolution transducers that boast beautiful sound; they also offer superb build-quality, advanced technologies, and value far exceeding their price."

More great quotes from the review are below: 

"The PL500 IIs didn't sound like any other Monitor Audio speaker I'd heard. In fact, in some ways-in their warm, rich musicality and overall driving energy-they reminded me of classic Raidho Acoustics speakers (minus the diamond drivers and nearly another zero on the price tag)."
"There are many variables that help or hinder great sound: crossover, cabinet, resonances, sensitivity, hunger for power. Happily, Monitor Audio's myriad technical innovations have allowed the PL500 IIs to pretty well nail every criterion."
 "The PL500 IIs proved endlessly enjoyable in their layers of depth and detail, delightful musicality, and overall coherence."
"In sum, whatever your sonic and electronic preferences are, you really can't go wrong with these towering transducers, however you power or configure them. This is a whole lot of speaker for the money..."
"If you have a hankering for big, bold, immersive sound and have the room space (and partner approval) and the desire for a mighty flagship-level speaker that delivers almost all of the qualities of much higher-priced multiways for far fewer dollars, go for the Platinum - audition the PL500 II."


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