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Robert Deutsch was so impressed with the PL300 IIs that he stated, "they've hit one out of the park. It's my new reference."

PL300 II Pair

The November issue of Stereophile magazine features an amazing review by Robert Deutsch on Monitor Audio's Platinum PL300 II speakers. Robert seemed instantly impressed by the sound quality of the PL300 IIs, stating, "Right out of the box, the PL300 II had an utterly natural sound that drew me into the music."

More great quotes from the review are below: 

"The sound was so good that I had difficulty maintaining the requisite Stereophile reviewer's poker face."
"With the PL300 II again, more than with any other speaker I've reviewed the sounds I heard from vocal recordings were overwhelmingly those made by the singer, not the resonances of the speaker reproducing the voices."
"In the PL300 II, Monitor Audio has managed to reduce distortion and nonmusical resonances to a degree that made it easier to imagine that I was listening to live singers."
"The sound was highly detailed: playing familiar recordings, I repeatedly heard things I hadn't before been aware of."
"...the treble range was smooth and extended, with a natural quality that neither emphasized nor diminished this part of the audioband."
"...the bass was extended and powerful, and blended well with the rest of the range."
"The PL300 II's depth of soundstage and precision of imaging within the soundstage were apparent the first time I heard them, and continued to impress."
"Monitor Audio has always been known for the solid quality and value of their speakers; with the Platinum PL300 II, they've hit one out of the park.

It's my new reference."

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