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Stereophile Magazine has once again compiled a list of Recommended Components for 2016 and Monitor Audio's Silver 8 has made the list.


Stereophile's Recommended Components are a prestigious list of products found to be among the best available and are highly recommended for purchase. The ratings given to components included in this list are based entirely on performance, and every product on the list is a product Stereophile has found to be truly excellent and represents a good value for money.

We are proud to say that the Silver 8 has been recognized and included on Stereophile's list of Recommended Components. Additionally, the Silver 8 was given 3 dollar signs ($$$), which represents a product Stereophile has found to perform much better than might be expected from its price!

"From the second the system was powered up, the Silver 8's impressed me."
"I can't say that listening in stereo via the Silver 8's was anything less than delightful."
"I heard a welcome clarity in the midrange that gave all music a natural presence..."
"I found the Silver 8's bass remarkably solid and satisfying."
"...superb measured performance at a very competitive price."
"I've been looking at speakers for $3,000/pair or less for a while, and have not heard any that I would prefer to the Monitor Audio Silver 8."
- Kal Rubinson, Stereophile


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