Fantastic New Review on the CP-IW460X!

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David Susilo writes a fantastic review on Monitor Audio's full-size luxury in-wall speaker...


Where The In-Wall Meets The Audiophile

In the June issue of Wifi Hifi, David Susilo writes about his experience with Monitor Audio's flagship Luxury In-Wall speaker from the Controlled Performance range, the CP-IW460X. The review couldn't have been better, with David saying...

"These are the first in-wall speakers I can actually say are good enough to replace standalone speakers for both home theatre and two-channel applications."


More quotes from this great review are below... 



"...amazing sense of imaging. They are able to recreate a large soundstage but, at the same time, provide an exceptional amount of accuracy and multi-layered details."    

      "...I thought I was listening to a surround track."

"The woofers produced a mind-boggingly realistic bass response that blended with the music without ever overpowering the performance."

"Playing my collection of Tony Bennett CDs, the CP-IW460X easily allowed the crooner to be centre stage in my listening room, without the use of a centre channel."

"...the CP-IW460X did an amazing job of bringing to life the warmth of these wonderful tunes."

"The overall experience was mesmerizing."



"...the CP-IW460X performed extremely well in terms of bass response, imaging, and overall vocal clarity."

"Dialogue in each film was produced with great detail and neutrality, even without a centre channel."

"I was shocked at just how much bass was coming from these in-walls. The CP-IW460X had zero trouble producing bass... and grabbed my attention from scene to scene."


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