AXPONA 2016 Wrap Up!

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Platinum II Thrived in the Rosemont 2 Suite...

AXPONA 2016 PL500 II Display

The AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) show in Rosemont, IL was a great success for Monitor Audio! Exhibiting from the Rosemont 2 Suite, Monitor Audio filled the room with the amazing sound of two separate Platinum II Systems, attracting the attention of many visitors and keeping them entertained for several cuts.

The first system featured the PL300 II floorstanders, driven by a full Cyrus Audio system which included the new Cyrus Phono Signature, allowing the warm, natural sound of Vinyl to shine through the PL300 II speakers.

The second system featured the flagship model of Monitor Audio's new Platinum Series II, the towering 6' tall PL500 II floorstanders, driven by SimAudio electronics. The PL500 II was undoubtedly the star of the show, as the single pair of speakers produced a lifelike soundstage with smooth high frequencies, an open midrange and powerful, accurate bass.

"...the Monitor Audio Platinum II produced a commanding presence from the Rosemont 2 room at the Westin... the team let yours truly man the controls for a short time in what proved to be a wild ride for a traditionally Jazz-and-vocal oriented room."
"The system yielded a good impression of floating vocals suspended perfectly in-between the two loudspeakers."
- Brian Hunter, Audiohead
AXPONA 2016 Show Report

"There were a lot of good-sounding loudspeakers costing less than $20,000/pair to be heard at AXPONA 2016, and a lot of them were newly introduced-all the more remarkable as CES had wrapped up just 14 weeks previously. Neil Gader covered this product category for the Las Vegas event and I've done my best to not designate as freshly introduced any of the gear Neil noted as new, though I heard many of those speakers and agree they are winners: Joseph Audio's Profile ($7000) or the Monitor Audio Platinum Series PL300 II ($14,000), for example."
- Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound
AXPONA 2016 Show Report

The performance capabilities of Platinum II continues to gather momentum throughout North America.

For more information on Platinum II, please CLICK HERE


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