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Monitor Audio's Platinum Series II continues to impress...


Just last month Kevro and Monitor Audio exhibited at the Salon Son & Image Montreal Audio Show, where Monitor Audio's new Platinum Series II was showcased for the very first time at a consumer show. The attendance of the show was at an all time high and the feedback from many who listened to the Platinum II speakers was positive and favorable. 

George de Sa from Canada Hi-Fi recently wrote on article about his own experience with the Platinum Series II while at the Montreal Audio Show. While viewing the 6' tall PL500 II (the flagship model of the Platinum Series II), George had said,

"These speakers are the most expensive and sophisticated design yet from Monitor Audio".

As he listened to the PL500 II speakers, he goes on to say...

"I was most impressed by the rich and full bodied sound, with life-sized images, including a vivid representation of a stand-up bass."

You can read his full article here.


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