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Show attendance was at an all time high!

The Montreal Audio Show was an exciting experience for Kevro and Monitor Audio this year. Despite having a brief window in which the show was cancelled (only to come back on again), attendance seemed to be even higher than last years! A good thing too, considering this was Monitor Audio's first time showcasing the new flagship Platinum Series II speakers at a consumer show!

Doug Schneider from SoundStage was one of many who dropped by Monitor Audio's room to view the 6' tall Platinum PL500 II, and like many others, he was deeply impressed with Monitor Audio's towering, high performance flagship speaker...

"...the exhibitors were much better prepared than I thought they might be, and, in some cases, produced some exceptionally good sound. The exhibitor that stood out to me most was Kevro International, the North American distributor for Cyrus Audio and Monitor Audio. The combination of Cyrus Audio and Moon by Simaudio electronics feeding the new Monitor Audio Platinum II PL500 loudspeakers produced exceptionally good sound overall, but it was the upper frequencies I noticed most, which had a smoother, sweeter presentation than I've heard from the company's speakers in the past. No doubt that has something to do with the air-motion transformer (AMT) high-frequency driver developed specifically for the Platinum II series."

Click Here to read Doug's Full Show Report


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