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An excellent review courtesy of Jay Haider from Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity...

Silver 1

 '...a gorgeously crafted bookshelf speaker with mostly excellent engineering, surprisingly powerful bass, and world-class treble.'

Monitor Audio's Silver 1 bookshelf speaker received an excellent review courtesy of Jay Haider from Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity. The speaker's tiny size didn't stop it from impressing Haider, who says "The Silver 1's crossover shows engineering excellence both heard and measured, and the tweeter is a marvel."

More great quotes from the review are below...

"It is a monitor that punches above its size down low and sounds as sweet as the recording lets it up top."
"Its fit and finish rivals or exceeds speakers its size two price classes up."
"Another track from this album, 'There Are Too Many of Us', showcased the Monitor Audio Silver 1's excellent upper bass heft and definition."
"...the Silver 1 pair provided excellent center fill and allowed the acoustic scene to fill the width of the room."
"The Silver 1 speakers faithfully convey the recording's treble signature, be it sweet and extended or sibilant and harsh."
"On 'Tales of Brave Ulysses' the Monitor Audio Silver 1's superior treble performance elevated Ginger Baker's drumming above the din with clarity and just the right amount of definition."
"...the Monitor Audio Silver 1 offers a beautiful cabinet and good sound."
"Sonically, the Monitor Audio Silver 1 has gutsy bass, and treble that's a window into the source material. Monitor Audio's Silver 1 does an awful lot right, looks beautiful, and is worth a close listen."



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