50 Titles Are Now Available For Dolby Atmos!

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Dolby Atmos continues to gain recognition and esteem...

The Dolby Atmos technology started off a bit slow, but over the past year Atmos has been rising rapidly to become a significant force in the home theater market. With 50 titles now available for Atmos home theater systems, there is no doubt that this technology will continually become more well known and more popular. Check out the recent article by John Sciacca from Residential Systems for more details on Atmos. You can view the article by clicking here.

With Atmos growing so fast in the home theater market, you will want to make sure you get speakers with the high quality and performance you need for the best Atmos experience possible.

Monitor Audio's custom installation speakers featuring the IDC module are Atmos capable and work fantastic with Dolby Atmos titles. This includes Monitor Audio's CT-265IDC speaker, which was included last year with the Silver series in a full Dolby Atmos home theater system and reviewed by David Susilo of WifiHifi. 

David was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the system, saying that 

"the Silver series, and especially the CT-265IDC, truly create an amazing enveloping sound..."

He also stated that 

"...this set of speakers with proper calibration performed closer to a true Dolby Atmos commercial theater setup than any others I've tried. And they do that without breaking the bank."

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