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Platinum II wins a Jimmy Award for 'Best Bedroom-Sized Stereo System'...


Monitor Audio's new flagship speaker range received much attention and praise during CES 2016. Jim Saxon from The Audio Beat even awarded the Platinum Series II (along with the Cyrus components driving the speakers) a Jimmy Award, given to products that, quite simply, grant the listener pure enjoyment and happiness.

"Instead of parsing the sound of every system, I let the senses rule. Upon detecting artistry, I felt happy. If not, I felt impatient. In rooms with silent displays, I let the old bond trader in me sniff value for money. Most importantly, I did not let outrageous price tags arouse my animosity. I simply applied the Saxon Happiness Index (SHI) and all was well."

- Jim Saxon, The Audio Beat

Jim Saxon's visit to the Monitor Audio Suite proved to be quite enjoyable, as stated in some review quotes below:

"Their six-foot-tall Platinum 500 II loudspeakers commandeered the living room. Although the display was fine, on the way out my ear caught a more ingratiating melody from the bedroom. There, the diminutive floorstanding Platinum 200 II was mated to Cyrus electronics to sterling effect."

"At a conversational volume level, the Platinum 200 II was tonally balanced and sweetly detailed, a panacea for overburdened auditory ossicles."

"My guess is that Cyrus's Stereo 200 amplifier ($3499) contributed greatly. The Stereo 200's clever impedance-detection circuitry enables the class-D amplifier to adjust the output where the speaker needs it most. A speaker-tracking power amp!"

"For Best Bedroom-Sized Stereo System, Monitor Audio shares a Jimmy Award with Cyrus Audio."

- Jim Saxon, The Audio Beat
PL200 II CES 2016


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