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Monitor Audio's Unveiling Of The New Platinum Series II Was A Hit!!

CES 2016 PL II Line Up

CES 2016 was one of the most exciting shows for Monitor Audio to date,
with the unveiling of Platinum II and the flagship PL 500 II.

CES 2016 Show Pic 1
CES 2016 PL500 II Display

The suite was well attended to view the stunning new range and experience a live demo of the PL 200 II's, as well as the massive PL 500 II speakers (the flagship model of the series that stands at over 6 feet tall weighing in at 220 lbs each!)

The Platinum PL500 II was awarded 1 of 10


from What Hi-Fi? for


With no fewer than 10 magazines reporting on new Platinum II, the feedback was excellent. See quotes from a variety of reviewers below.

"The surprise of CES for yours truly, the $29k Monitor Audio Platinum PL500 II."

- Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound
CES Report 2016 (PL500 II)

"...sonics were rich, nicely weighted, with excellent integration of the difficult-to-handle tweeter/midrange transition."

- Neil Gadar, The Absolute Sound
CES Report 2016 (PL200 II)

"Monitor Audio has indeed taken a major step toward the ever-elusive impression of 'live' sound."

- Robert Deutsch, Stereophile
CES Report 2016 (PL200 II)

"Speaking of ear-pleasing sound, the brand-new Monitor Audio Platinum PL500 II loudspeakers driven by Moon by SimAudio electronics exceeded sonic expectations, delivering high-end quality (think Raidho-like) beyond those well-known brands' respective price categories."

- Julie Mullins, The Absolute Sound
CES Report 2016 (PL500 II)

"PL 500 II - flagship of the new Platinum II range - came as a bit of a shock. However, in a world where seven-driver, three way designs featuring custom-made drive units in a cabinet that stands as tall as a man can cost the spendy side of $100,000, a loudspeaker that sounds this good commands respect. Monitor Audiois one of the UK industry's recent success stories, and judging by the PL500 II, that success will extend to the high end soon, too."

- Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi +
CES Report 2016 (PL500 II)

CES Show Pic 2

In addition to seeing the gorgeous new flagship range from Monitor Audio, we also showcased the new CP (Controlled Performance) Luxury In-Wall speakers - CP 260 / 460 IWX. These two CP models produce high performance, directional sound, synonymous with the sound quality of MA's big box speakers in a discreet, in-wall configuration.


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