Bronze Series Wins PRODUCT OF THE YEAR!!

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Positive Reviews and Multiple Awards From What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


Bronze 5AV package


  • Best Speaker Package £1000-£2000
  • Five-Star Award

"Monitor Audio's Bronze range is back, with a brilliant surround sound speaker package that has raised the bar for its rivals."

Bronze 2

  • Best Stereo Speakers £200-£400
  • Five Star Award

"This is truly a complete speaker for the money."


Review Quotes from Bronze 5AV Review:

"Instruments are brilliantly organized and offered a generous amount of space in which to breathe, but most of all they are expressive and terrifically rhythmic."

"Voices are clear, warm and expressive, there is depth to sounds such as the fizz of Travis's Alka-Seltzer and real attack to the gunshots."

"The surround sound field is cohesive, and there's great tonal matching between the channels. They feel comfortably in control, without being restrained, delivering perilous thrill and slapstick humour with consummate ease."

"Unsurprisingly, the results are much the same in stereo... we remain impressed by the balance, dynamics and expressiveness that keep us hooked."

"Monitor Audio's decision to hand down driver technology to its Bronze range has raised the standard."

"This package delivers a sound that is bold and capable of great subtlety and dynamics."

- What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, October 2015


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