Bronze 6s Win Reviewer's Choice Award!

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"These, I thought, are phenomenal speakers."


Monitor Audio's Bronze 6s were recently reviewed by SoundStage! Access and not only received an incredibly positive review, but also walked away with the SoundStage! Reviewer's Choice Award!

The Bronze 6 is the high value flagship speaker of the Bronze series. Hans Wetzel of SoundStage! Access went on to say that

"this killer loudspeaker is a high-water mark of audio value."

He also stated that,

"its exciting, dynamic sound makes every listening experience memorable."

More highlights from the review are below...

"I was amazed at how impressive the Bronzes looked. The Walnut vinyl was excellent, and could easily pass for hardwood from a few steps away."

"Capturing the scale and impact of such music is vital, and the Bronzes delivered big. First and foremost, the 6s had a big, uberdynamic sound."

"The 6s' bass performance checked every box: fast, articulate, punchy without being fulsome and overbearing, and reasonably deep without losing control."

"The Monitors soundstaged superbly to re-create the explosive nature of the proceedings, with coherent, convincing center fill, precise imaging, and a surprising sense of depth."

"Their reproduction of the midrange was quite strong, especially for a 2.5-way design; the strings and brass in this track were reproduced with crystalline clarity, crisply and concisely."

"The speaker's treble response was clean and extended, without glare or brightness."

"Monitor did everything very, very well... When speakers costing under $1,500/pair do a minimum number of things wrong, they have really achieved something. To my ears, Monitor Audio's Bronze 6 is near faultless."


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