The Gold 300 On The Cover of Canada Hi-Fi!

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George de Sa says the Gold 300 is "truly a thing of beauty."

Gold 300 on Canada Hi-Fi Cover

The recent November issue of Canada Hi-Fi will definitely catch readers eyes when they see Monitor Audio's Gold 300 in Piano Ebony Finish on the front cover.

In addition to appearing on the cover, Monitor Audio was also privileged to be Canada Hi-Fi's first Augmented Reality Cover! By downloading the free 'ARenginePRO' app for your Apple or Android device, you can scan the cover and see a 3D rendering of the Gold 300 in Ebony. A terrific experience for any Canada Hi-Fi reader.

Along with the front cover exposure, George de Sa included an amazing Gold 300 review in this issue of Canada Hi-Fi, saying that the Gold 300...

"is a speaker that should please many and leave few wanting."

Review Quotes from the Gold 300 Review...

"I could not help noticing how well integrated the Gold 300's ribbon tweeter and its midrange driver were - neither one drawing attention to itself."

"Fit and finish was top-notch, flawless in fact - truly a thing of beauty."

"Focusing on the bass, I was impressed with the punchiness and heft that I heard, while the treble offered plentiful detail and was well extended with a refined smoothness."

"Voices and instruments were depicted in a way that was compellingly natural."

"...the slow thumps of the opening kick drum on the track were not only heard but were felt within my room..."

"Soundstage depth and width was substantial..."

"Vocal recordings seem a little fleshier, more corporeal, while bass sounds full and impactful."


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