TAVES 2015 Wrap Up!

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Monitor Audio was a HUGE HIT at this year's TAVES Consumer Electronics Show!


TAVES 2015 set a record for attendance this year as they moved from their previous space in downtown Toronto to the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel & Suites in Richmond Hill. Located in the NEWMARKET Room was Monitor Audio's lineup of loudspeakers, with a demo of Gold 300 floorstanding speakers (in a beautiful Piano Ebony finish) driven by Cyrus electronics, all connected using high performance Clarus cables (from Tributaries).

Many of the visitors marveled at the sight and sound of the Gold 300's, and some people were even compelled to come back a 2nd and 3rd time to experience the demo again and again.

The sound of the Cyrus / Monitor Audio system was musical, enveloping, had strong bass, 'fleshy' vocals and a very open soundstage with great midrange clarity and realistic, palpable imaging.


Many visitors commented on how great our room sounded compared to many others.

One of the best sounds of the show for the money, with Malcolm Gomes from Positive Feedback noting in his wrap of TAVES,

"one of the few rooms that got the speaker placement right."


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