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Gold 300 and 200 appear on the cover of Son & Image Magazine and TED Magazine

French Magazine Covers Featuring Gold

In the most recent issue of Son & Image Magazine (Volume 17, #1), The Gold 300 in Ebony is featured on the cover showing a close-up of its high-class ribbon tweeter!

Additionally, in the most recent issue of TED Magazine (October - November 2015), a gorgeous Gold lifestyle shot with the Gold 200 in Dark Walnut is featured.

The Gold 200 was also reviewed by TED magazine's own François Lemieux, who describes the Gold 200 as...

"an exemplary construction, a sexy and seductive look paired with acoustic and musical high level performance."

Review Quotes from the Gold 200 Review:

"...the impact and the depth of the bass feature a level of quality rarely heard in speakers with such a small foot print."

"On 'Dance Of The Tumblers', the bass is vigorous and has credible fullness while being admirably integrated with the other drivers. You would believe that a good subwoofer is hidden in the room somewhere."

"On the midrange, it's the sonic portion that separates the common from the lords, and the Gold 200s are sovereign."

"The voice reproduction is incredibly precise and three-dimensional."

"...the piano, the saxophone and the percussions are fantastic."

"The panorama of the two Golds extend all across the front wall of my room even though there are only two. I have to open my eyes to place them physically."


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