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Silver Series Receives a Fantastic Review and 'Recommended Components' Status


The October issue of Stereophile featured an updated list of 'Recommended Components' and Monitor Audio's Silver 8 found a place in the CLASS B (FULL RANGE) section.

Kalman Rubinson stated that the Silver 8's midrange and bottom end are "remarkably solid and satisfying".

Rubinson also wrote "I can't say that listening in stereo via the Silver 8s was anything less than delightful".

Additionally, the Silver 8 is listed with three dollar signs ($$$), indicating its exceptional value among the list of CLASS B (FULL RANGE) loudspeakers.

The Silver 8 was again featured in the November issue of Stereophile in an article by Rubinson regarding many high-end audio components. Rubinson referenced a review he wrote earlier this year on the Silver 8s and said,

"I loved the way they sounded."

He also compared the Paradigm Studio /60s to the Monitor Audio Silver 8s, stating "Monitor Silver 8s outdid them in bass resolution."

Referencing a 5 piece Silver system, which included the Silver 8s and Silver 2s, Rubinson stated that "the Monitor Silver quintet made me smile as I played through all my favourite multichannel recordings."


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