Wifi Hifi System Review: R90 and A100

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A Monitor Audio compact stereo system featuring the Airstream A100 driving two Radius 90's receives a fantastic review from Wifi Hifi Magazine



Wifi Hifi Magazine recently did a review on a Monitor Audio system featuring two Radius 90s driven by the Airstream A100. A stylish system that is small, yet defies its size with its high quality performance and sound.

"These are very attractive speakers, with beautifully finished cabinets... Like the Radius 90, the AirStream A100 is a beautifully made product, and will give real pride of ownership."

"Listening at the desk, a CD rip of Luigi Boccherini's Opus 12 Concerti Grossi, in a classic Philips performance with Raymond Leppard conducting the English Chamber Orchestra, sounded warm and full, with lovely texture in the strings."

"Rava's trumpet had delicious bite without being overbearing, and Stefano Bollani's masterful piano work was beautifully delineated."

"Larry Grenadier's double bass sounded surprisingly satisfying."

"...the drums had really good impact and the cymbals appropriate sizzle, and the piano sounded big and enveloping. The whole album is really fun to listen to through this lovely little system."

"...this is a very enjoyable system, equally satisfying when listening up close, or when sitting back and listening out loud in a small to medium-sized room."

- Wifi Hifi, July 2015

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