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Gold 100, ASB-2 and Bronze 1...


Monitor Audio has recently received some positive feedback for many of its products! BBC Music Magazine featured the new Gold 100, The Observer featured the ASB-2 in a soundbar group test, awarding it 5 stars and declaring the ASB-2 the 'Best Soundbar For Film Soundtracks', and finally, wrote an article on the best bookshelf speakers in the industry right now, and featured Monitor Audio's new Bronze 1 bookshelf.

GOLD 100

"...the tweeters lived up to their promise of tonally accurate treble...""...the lower frequency bass cone has benefited from an upgrade, pumping out a better bass sound than earlier models..."

"...the Gold 100s certainly score highly for their overall sound..."

"...really come alive when the volume is cranked up, but, importantly, they also work well at low volumes..."

- BBC Music Magazine


"...manages to strike a balance between price and performance..."

"...brilliant vocal quality for dialogue and surprising bass for explosions..."

"...the most useful of these soundbars with great features..."

- The Observer


"The brand-new Monitor Audio Bronze 1 set offers good bass response and a large soundstage..."

- Chris Heinonen,


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