Square-Edged Grilles Now Available

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New Grilles For CWT, Trimless 100-200-300 Series and CP Trimless Series

Custom square-edged grille

New Square Grille Transitions for CWT Series

Monitor Audio has been transitioning its CWT speakers to include square-edged grilles in all master packs. CWT140 and CWT160 speakers will now include square-edged grilles in the boxes, with CWT180 speakers completing the transition very soon.

Square Grilles for Trimless 100-200-300 Series and CP Trimless Series

Monitor Audio will now be offering square-edged grilles as an accessory to be purchased for any in-wall / in-ceiling 100-200-300 speakers, as well as in-ceiling Controlled Performance models.

Contact your local Monitor Audio dealer for pricing and other details on the new square-edged grilles!


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