Monitor Audio Gold 300 Dealer Review

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A Speaker Worth The Wait...

Gold 300 Piano Ebony
Gold 300 Piano Ebony with grille

Bob Scruggs, a dealer with 'The Sound Shop' in Colorado Springs, CO, has been in the industry for 44 years. He ordered a pair of Gold 300s in Piano Ebony, even though the speaker was out of stock due to its high popularity.

Upon receiving the Gold 300s, Bob had a very positive experience with the high performance speakers...

"I am so glad I waited for these speakers. I have to admit they are exactly what I was looking for."

"I'm running a McIntosh 250 watt/channel amp into them through Analysis Plus speaker wire and the balance with the warmth of the Mac and the slightly bright character of the Analysis Plus wire is wonderful. I have about 30 hours on them and they just keep getting better."

- Bob Scruggs, The Sound Shop, June 2015


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