Silver 10 Wins Editor's Choice Award!

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Monitor Audio's Silver 10 receives a very prestigious award from 'The Absolute Sound'...

The March issue of 'The Absolute Sound' features a complete list of the best audio gear in 2015. The magazine's Editor's Choice Awards are an annual recommended products list, selected by the editor's and writers themselves as products they themselves would buy, or recommend to friends and family.

Monitor Audio is very excited to have received such a prestigious award for the flagship loudspeaker of the Silver range, the Silver 10.

"...great voicing, solid bass when properly spaced from the rear walls, an engaging soundstage, and an ability to sound great with a wide range of music. Really, what more could you want from an affordable speaker?"

- The Absolute Sound

Click Here to read the full review on the Silver 10 from The Absolute Sound

Click Here for more information on the Silver 10


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