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Monitor Audio's Silver 8 receives a fantastic review from Stereophile.

The Monitor Audio Silver Series continues to receive praise and recognition for its quality and value. Stereophile recently reviewed the Silver 8 model and had many positive things to say about the 3-way floorstanding speaker.

"I've been looking at speakers for $3,000 / pair or less for a while, and have not heard any that I would prefer to the Monitor Audio Silver 8."

"There's little to say about the Silver 8's treble. Although it was detailed and extended, it was also smooth and untiring."

".... I found the Silver 8's bass remarkably solid and satisfying."

"Talk about hopes realized! From the second the system was powered up, the Silver 8s impressed me."

"I heard a welcome clarity in the midrange that gave all music a natural presence..."

"Indeed, as with the best speakers - those costing far more than the Silver 8's $2,000/pair - the high frequencies, almost all overtones, were unobtrusively integral to the music, not distinct from the midrange fundamentals. I greatly appreciated this with recordings of both small and large ensembles."

"...I can't say that listening in stereo via the Silver 8s was anything less than delightful."

"Their soundstage was deep and, if I wanted to focus on instrument placements instead of the music, there was a wealth of stable detail to appreciate."

"My, did the Silver 8s deliver."

"Regardless of track or changes in players, it all sounded more alive and engaging than I remembered."

"...compared with my admittedly older and discontinued Paradigm Studio/60v3s ($1,699/pair when last available), the Silver 8s were strikingly cleaner in the lower midrange, more open in the upper midrange, and had a subtler treble."

"This review is so brief because I'm at a loss to point to any way in which, for its size and price, the Monitor Audio Silver 8 disappointed.

- Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile, January 2015


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