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New Products Coming Soon From Monitor Audio!

CES 2015 was quite an exciting show for Monitor Audio and Kevro. The room was filled with people eager to see Monitor Audio's new offerings, including the newly revamped Gold series and the SB (Soundbar) series. With brand new products coming in approximately a month, Monitor Audio is starting this year off with a bang!

Gold Series

Monitor Audio's enduring Gold Series speaker line has been refined with significant design upgrades to bring out the best in its award-winning provenance. While it duplicates the form-factor of the Gold GX range it replaces, the new 'Gold' line-up is equipped with a trinity of enhancements, including an evolution of the C-CAM® Rigid Surface Technology (RST®) bass cone employed by the Gold GR and Gold GS predecessors, tighter production tolerances for its advanced C-CAM ribbon tweeter, and a smarter more functional grille design. Rejuvenated by these improvements the new eight-model strong Gold range offers greater transparency, a smoother transition from mid's to HF's and visual sophistication to every design-aware music lover, with new grilles.

SB Series

The new SB Series of passive soundbars will contribute the essential high definition audio element to screen entertainment from thin TVs of 50"and above. The compact SB-2 is engineered for seamless integration with 50"-60" TVs while the SB-3 is custom-built for screen sizes above 60". Both models feature three separate driver arrays for left, centre, right channels in a single cabinet. The SB-2 employs individual 4" mid-bass, 1" tweeter and sealed ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) drivers per section; the SB-3 uses twin bass drivers and ABRs in the centre section to provide higher acoustic output and power handling for critical centre channel reproduction. All drivers utilize Monitor Audio's signature C-CAM® material.

Complete with a wide range of mounting options for easy and discreet custom installation, the two super-slim SB models are engineered with flagship cabinet and driver technologies to combine efficient low-profile design with extraordinary room-filling dynamics.


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