Monitor Audio Wins AVTech Awards!

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Silver 8 and Radius R90 System Win Prestigious Awards

AV Tech is the Publishing House behind Home Cinema Choice, HiFi Choice and HiFi News. This month AV Tech is publishing their Awards issue which will come as a supplement with each of the respective titles.

We are pleased to announce that Monitor Audio has received several awards from AV Tech!

First was the Silver 8 loudspeaker, which won 'Best Floor Standing Speaker' in the Awards.

"Monitor Audio's Silver 8 is a wonderfully capable floorstander, delivering music with subtlety and sophistication and offering a cavernous, well-projected soundstage."

"Bass is well articulated, midband is crisp yet smooth

and treble is beautifully detailed."

"The Silver 8 delivers a rewarding performance with everything you throw at it, and is sublime at the price."

Next was the Radius 90 System, which won 'Best Compact Speaker System' in the awards.

"This system mixes both eager dynamism and impressive scale with poise and insight."

"Detailed soundtracks are treated with respect, while dialogue from the Radius 200 center enclosure is full-bodied."

"And, with its sumptuous design, the R90HT1 will grace any living room or movie den."


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