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Airstream A100 Receives New Reviews And Awards

Monitor Audio's Airstream A100 Wireless amplifier has been garnering much recognition over the summer months, winningvarious awards as well as having some fantastic reviews!

As you may already know, the A100 was honored with a Residential Systems RESI Award in 2013. More recently this year, the A100 has been awarded a 2014 Stars Of CES Award, a Reddot Award, a What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision FIVE-STAR Award, and finally a Hi-Fi Choice RECOMMENDED Award!

The Airstream A100 received great reviews from both Hi-Fi Choice and What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision this past July...

"Awesome sonics and stunning design mean Monitor Audio's first amp will be more than just a head turner."
"...spine tingling harmonies that really have to be heard to be believed."
"The A100 is bang on the money..."
- Adrian Justins, Hi-Fi Choice

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"It sounds insightful and composed, with enough in the way of drive and dynamics to satisfy."
"We like the A100's bass weight and grip..."
"...we feel the A100 deserves a five-star rating. It's a brave product that performs well and can be used in situations where conventional alternatives wouldn't even get a look-in. For that alone it deserves plenty of credit."
- What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

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