New Android App For Airstream!

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An Android app is now available for Airstream Music Streaming!

An Android App Is Now Available For Airstream Music Streaming!

Monitor Audio's AirStream products make it easy to stream music from iPhones, iPads and any other Apple Airplay device. But what about the large amount of consumers that use android devices? Well now, there is an app for Android called BubbleUPnP (Chromecast/DLNA) found in the Google app "Play Store". This app allows any Android DLNA-compatible device to stream music to our Airstream A100, Airstream S300 and ASB-2 Soundbar.

Instructions For BubbleUPnP

  • Install "BubbleUPnP" from the Play Store.
  • Select AirStream product in WiFi settings.
  • Select AirStream product in "Devices" in the app.
  • Select app device menu, then select "Settings", then select "UPnP Tweeks (bottom of menu screen). Uncheck "Mime-type check".
  • Select your music and enjoy!

Note: There is no Airplay or DLNA app for Microsoft Windows or Blackberry platforms at this time.


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