ASB-2 Soundbar Continues To Excel!

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The ASB-2 Shines At The AVTech Media Awards And Takes Home The "Best High-End Soundbar" Award!

Monitor Audio stood out at the AVTech Media Awards 2013/2014, showing off the ASB-2 Soundbar and ultimately winning the award for "Best High-End Soundbar".

"...its sound is big in scale, high-frequency effects are crystal-clear and all-important dialogue is weighty but authentic. This neat-looking, full-size networked soundbar has another role to play, as offering AirPlay and DLNA music playback via Wi-Fi means the ASB-2 can also function as a high-quality audio dock."

In addition to the AVTech Media Award, the ASB-2 also received some positive recognition in its recent Home Cinema Choice review.

Danny Phillips of Home Cinema Choice recently reviewed Monitor Audio's ASB-2 Soundbar. The ASB-2 not only received a 5 star review full of positive comments and feedback, but was also awarded the Home Cinema Choice BEST BUY Award. See below for some highlights from the review:

"The ASB-2 is powerful and polished in equal measure, with punchy, authoritative bass, clear, decisive mids and jaw-dropping detail reproduction."

"The ASB-2 is blessed with stunning build quality and design."

"Monitor Audio has crafted a fine performer that proves you can cut down on clutter without compromising on quality."

"It digs out the sort of subtle textures that cheaper rivals gloss over. This gives the sound an irresistible and absorbing silkiness and fluidity."

"Explosions are big and visceral, and, after a brief ceasefire, the fighting fires up again and the ASB-2 shatters the silence with a fast, sudden dynamic shift. It's an extraordinary performance - insightful and layered but backed up with depth and a terrific sense of scale. Dialogue is clear and realistic, too."

"With tracks from iTunes streamed via AirPlay showing the same level of sonic refinement as BDs, it's easy to applaud the ASB-2."


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