Monitor Audio Impresses With ASB-2 Soundbar

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ASB-2 Soundbar reviewed by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

Monitor Audio's ASB-2 Soundbar is receiving some major hype, and its first review, from What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, is a clear example of how impressive this product is.

See below for some highlights from the review:

FOR: Solid build; three HDMI inputs; AirPlay and DLNA; sensational sound quality; good bass despite lack of separate subwoofer.
AGAINST: Nothing of note

"But feed Gladiator on Blu-ray through one of the three HDMI inputs and the ASB-2 displays an abundance of power and weight, doing a good job of recreating the atmosphere of the Colosseum... the reception from the baying crowd is direct and dynamic."

"There's a fantastic sense of scale among all the commotion of Gladiator, and the ASB-2 digs out a superb level of detail."

"During the calmer, more motive chapters of the movie, the Monitor Audio simply shifts down a few gears to capture the subtle details and nuances of the soundtrack."

"And the sense of drama and excitement is enhanced by the ASB-2's ability to communicate the film's musical score. This level of musicality is difficult to pull off in a soundbar, but as we watch and listen to U2: 360° At The Rose Bowl, the Monitor Audio comes across as enthusiastic, with a good sense of timing."

"During Where The Streets Have No Name, the guitar intro sounds sharp and precise but there's still a lovely flow to it."

"...the Monitor Audio ASB-2 is well worth the investment."


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