MASS 5.1 System Reviewed by Sound & Vision!

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MASS receives fantastic review and the S&V Certified and Recommended Award!

In Sound & Vision's September 2013 issue, Al Griffin gave Monitor Audio's MASS 5.1 System a fantastic review and also awarded MASS the Sound & Vision Certified & Recommended Award! Al Griffin was already impressed with Monitor Audio when he reviewed the Gold GX system earlier this year. And although the MASS system is a much less expensive range, he was, never-the-less, equally impressed with the build and quality of MASS. See highlights from the review below!

But it would be a shame to use anything other than the optional $199/pair stands that Monitor designed specifically for the system. These are sturdy, look great, and incorporate an ingenious wire-guide system.”

“I was startled to hear how well the MASS system conveyed the track’s dynamics and wall-of-sound mix: the drums had a thunderous effect that I could literally feel press against my chest, while the droning guitars sounded appropriately dense and spacious.”

“Even so, singer Jónsi’s fragile countertenor cut through the chaos with its smooth texture intact, and subtle details like a ringing, repetitive piano could be heard amidst the more prominent layers of percussion and guitar.”

“I noticed that the multiple layers of bells from a keyboard-controlled carillon had a full quality, with natural-sounding decay. Heard via the Monitor 2.1 configuration, the spatial positioning of the bells in the sound field was entirely convincing, while the track’s hypnotic bass-and-beats foundation was low-reaching and taut.”

“Despite the system’s reasonable cost, there was nothing “budget” about the W200 sub’s sound; it had both the definition and the extension characteristic of much more expensive models.”

“I next cued up the 6-channel mix of “The Space Between” from a 2003 SACD release of Roxy Music’s Avalon. I remember that when I played this track on Monitor’s Gold GX system, it delivered what seemed like the last word in multichannel envelopment and excitement. Of course, I was curious to hear how MASS would perform with the same material. The result? MASS packed a strong dynamic wallop, and it cleanly delineated between the kick drum and the bass guitar in the same manner that impressed me during my time with the Gold GX system.”

“I cued up The Bourne Legacy... The arc of the missile as it seemed to travel from the back of my room to the front was rendered vividly by the MASS sats, and the impact of the subsequent explosion was solid, with convincing low-end rumble.”

“Dialogue sounded both clear and full over a range of seats.”

“With MASS, not only will they get a full 5.1 system at an affordable price, but once they cart it home, set it up, and power it on, the experience is sure to exceed their expectations - and not by a small degree, either.”

- Al Griffin, Sound & Vision, September 2013


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