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Published on gives the Platinum PL200 an excellent review!

Sometimes familiarity breeds a kind of complacency that takes excellence for granted. Monitor Audio's Platinum PL200 is just such a familiar product to many of us who have experienced music through their exquisite window to sound.

Karl Sigman has written a review in Audiophilia where he eloquently describes his joy of listening through the PL200's such that he bought the sample pair to upgrade from his B&W 804 Diamonds. Karl's wife is now shopping for a black leather sofa to compliment the Platinum's luscious Strathspey leather front baffle. has become the 'go to' web address for unbiased high audio journalism. Audiophilia not only gave the PL200's an excellent review with the highest recommendation, but also awarded them with an Audiophilia Star Component Award! Check out some highlights from the review below:

"...the PL200 speakers are refined and elegant looking, gorgeous in fact... The real wood Veneer finish options (there are two, Santos Rosewood and Ebony, as well as a separate, Piano Black option) are carefully lacquered and stunningly beautiful."

"When I finally began my testing, I enjoyed what I heard right from the start: In less than a fortnight, the PL200s had transformed my listening space into a mini concert hall."

"Not only were all of my desired speaker improvements significantly addressed, but there was also an unexpected improvement in imaging, soundstage and dynamics, among other things. Wonderful."

"The staging and imaging were phenomenal, the extended bass was deep, tight and eloquent, and as for resolution/detail: About one minute into the recording, I could hear one of the musicians whispering, from the right channel, and saying things like 'baby.' Nothing like that came out of my system before. Tremendous."

"I cranked up the volume very high to give the PL200s a worthy workout and challenge them. Wow! The PL200s could really handle high volume."

"By digging for gold, I hit platinum with the Monitor Audio PL200 speakers. With such extraordinary performance... the PL200s are competitive with speakers that cost much more. And, the PL200s offer an additional unexpected plus: When the volume is low, the sound quality is still outstanding."

"The PL200 get my highest recommendation."

- Karl Sigman, Audiophilia

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