MASS Appreciation From Down Under

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"Quite an amazing set of speakers..." - reviews the MASS 5.1 System!

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Monitor Audio's MASS System continues to receive much praise and appreciation! David Susilo of DownunderAudio has given the MASS system a great review.

"What impressed me is the how these speakers can combine subtlety in music and great dynamics in one package."

"As Mor’du attacks, his sounds—voice, feet, claws, breathing—follow his location. The use of subwoofer and different channels to place emphasis on the ominous and large presence of this behemoth is not something that just any sub-sat speakers can handle. In fact most of them just can’t whereas the MASS 5.1 can do it without breaking a sweat."

"Overall, the MASS 5.1 is quite an amazing set of speakers; they are uncannily adept at conveying fine detail. It’s a very engaging and immersive system, and its incisive tone is well suited to atmospheric soundtracks. The fast timing and expressive mid-band is perfect for acoustic music and most soundtracks delivered to them."

-, February 2013

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