MASS Is The Shape Of Things To Come!

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'Crisp, detailed and utterly immersive.' Home Cinema Choice reviews the MASS System!

The Monitor Audio MASS system has received a great review from the February 2013 issue of Home Cinema Magazine.

"I believe Monitor Audio's Mass system is destined to be a good seller."

"I'm not sure exactly what shape each MASS 10 satellite is, but the tapered top and bottom are easy on the eye."

"The MASS 5.1 systems gives a good account of itself, easily justifying the price tag. As you'd expect given the satellites' homogenous nature, there's a smooth sound on show here as material moves around the soundstage. The overriding impression is one of clean high-frequencies and a fulsome mid-range."

"Lynyrd Skynyrd's Greatest Hits (CD) oozes out of the MAs with foot-tapping panache; the rhythm section unmuddled and tight, the percussive tocks and tings cleanly picked out."

"Bestowed with fantastic amounts of computer-derived bass, tracks like Hocus Pocus give the MA woofer a chance to flex its muscles, dropping deep and, essentially, turning your living room into a seedy nightclub. Its absolutely awesome..."

"Put into action with film soundtracks, the MASS system simply shines. With Jurassic Park on Blu-ray, the footfalls of the T-Rex sound suitably ominous and omnipotent and the Hollywood-science dialogue has presence and weight from the horizontal centre channel."

"...the package proves adept at putting you in the heart of the action."

"...the sound is crisp, detailed and utterly immersive."

"Overall, Monitor Audio's newest product lineup is the perfect partner for a mid-range AVR in a living room cinema setup. Everything from the build quality and design to movie and (sub-assisted) music performance impresses."

                                                                                                 - Mark Craven, Home Cinema Choice, February 2013

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