Bronze BX2 wins 'Best Stereo Speaker' Award!

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The BX2s are quite an achievement and some of the most engaging speakers you can buy at this money!

What Hi-Fi BX2 Best Stereo Speaker Award 2012

The Bronze BX2 speakers have received the award for 'Best Stereo Speakers' under £350 from What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision! These Monitor Audio speakers are dressed to impress, boasting an attractive finish and feel that's seldom found at this price.

FOR: Remarkably detailed and insightful sound for the money; speedy and agile-sounding; impressive looks and build.

"But even when their impressive sense of scale is unleashed, the BX2s remain cool, calm and collected; instruments sound natural and, despite having ample opportunity, refuse to harden up."

"They're wonderfully insightful and take great care in peeling back the layers of a track, unearthing a ridiculous level of detail for the money."

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