Bronze BX Wins Greatest Overachiever Award!

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The Perfect Vision has given the Bronze BX System the award for Greatest Overachiever.

The Perfect Visions Overachiever Award

Whether you judge it with your eyes, your ears, or both, Monitor's Bronze BX system flat out looks and sounds like it belongs in the next price class up, and that's what makes it special. Credit for this solution must go, in large part, to Monitor's brilliant Technical Director Dean Hartley and his team, who are masters at the fine art and science of technology trickle-down.

Hartley once told TPV that he believes each new product family, regardless of price, "should leverage every bit of design know-how acquired through work on earlier generation speaker families, no matter how expensive they might be." One upshot of this laudable approach is that you wind up with modestly priced speaker ranges, such as the Bronze BX family, that borrow technologies and construction techniques from far more costly speaker systems, wherever possible (subject to cost-constraints, of course).

The result is value with a capitol "V." In practice, this means you also get to enjoy a speaker system where, as our TPV review put it, the "sonic sophistication/dollar ratio is pretty much off the charts.


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